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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stu’s Views and MS Related News

Stu’s Views and MS Related News

Att: MS Peers and/or Caregivers,

In view of the fact that there are so many who are effected and/or affected by Multiple Sclerosis, I wonder if you have had the opportunity to view my MS Related e-Newsletter and have had the time to visit with my website.

My MS Related e-Newsletter is published usually just 1x per week and presently has a direct distribution list of just over 1500 Global email recipients. Many of these recipients are sending this info to others whom they know or to members of their support groups. We estimate that approximately 4000 people per week are seeing this e-Newsletter, appropriately named: “Stu’s Views and MS Related News”.

MS Views and Related News, is the name of my website. I began working on this site in 2006. It’s come a long way since it’s inception considering it is now being viewed more than 121,000 times per month in more than 80 countries. Look at the Sponsor ads when you get a chance.

With time on my hands, I wanted to provide Multiple Sclerosis information to and for, anybody seeking to be empowered with MS information. Remember please that Knowledge is Power and I want all whose lives are touched by MS, to have this Empowerment.

Many Medical Professionals have joined my distribution listings as they too would like to see breaking news stories faster then their medical channels may provide them.

If you have not yet opted-in to receive my e-newsletter, please visit my website (see info provided in the above header). Once there, click on the button that reads:

Sign up for our Newsletter.

To view the articles, click the button that reads: Visit Blog. It is here, on the blog that you will find just about whatever you need to know of Multiple Sclerosis. Use the search box to find what you seek. If you cannot find it, then send me an email and I will help you find the information. By the way, there is nothing here that reads: Here’s the Cure!!! Not just yet anyway……..

My email address for those who would like to write, or if you have any questions, is:

Without further ado, I hope to hear from you, if you are not yet receiving any of the above.


Stuart Schlossman

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