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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The follow-up OF (the) "My Hiatus" Story ..

The follow-up to My Hiatus - "I do for others as I would want them to do for me, Because I care"...

written April 9, 2008 - My MS Story Continues:

This message is a follow-up to my previous story.

I am writing this, because I care, to inform everybody of my actions, as foolish or thoughtless as they were at the time.

My actions, of stopping my medication, only hurt myself and I most definitely learned from it.
Never AGAIN, shall I underestimate what is wrong with me, or if my medication works.. I think this happened by reading too many other stories.

I have taken a great deal of heat from my family and friends for learning what they did, after the writing of My Hiatus.

Sure, there may be some of you: family, friends or medical personnel who felt betrayed, by my stupidity. But let's be real, I am human and I occasionally (- Yes I admit it - occasionally), make mistakes, blunders (or whatever other words you can think) of how I screwed-up.

It was my mistake and I will again state that I HAVE learned from my actions. I felt invincible and that nothing was going to hurt me. At the time, I even questioned if the medication was really doing anything for me. I know that MANY of you have often wondered the same thing.
I questioned as so many before me have also questioned: "How do we know that the medication is really working"? - Well NOW, I can say "it WAS REALLY working"!!
And it'll soon be working again...

My setback, has set me back (physically) maybe a few years and I can only hope that the time to bounce-back to the status of a few months ago, is a shorter road than the few year difference.

Many persons (after receiving my confession story -my hiatus) wrote directly to me. Some, left their comments on my new blog. In all, I heard back from well over 100 people. Most were surprised that "Stuart" would have gone off his medication. Why did he do this? After all, he preaches all the time of how important the medication is to slow the progression. What caused him to think?

Well here's my answer. It's firstly obvious that I wasn't thinking clearly when I opted to take a break. Was this, "my not thinking clearly", because of my MS? Maybe....Was my not thinking clearly, because of just too many other stresses of my life? Maybe... Who really knows?!

Never during my hiatus, did I stop preaching the same rhetoric of the medications as in the past.I guess you could say that I was only fooling and fibbing to myself.

As of this writing, I can say that I AM beginning to feel better. REST is what I am getting and I am sure that rest and medication is what is most needed at this time.

I wrote my previous story because I knew how important it was for me to continue to do, what I have done for all with MS.This being: "To PROVIDE MS Related knowledge". And in sending-out my hiatus story, it did provide you with knowledge.

It allowed you to know that the medications that we are to take to halt progression obviously does help (most of us).

Of course I would have to say "look how good I used to look and sound". I had energy and endurance, as long as I moderated my time. I had stamina (ahem) when needed. That was a result of doing the medication.

Notice that I never mentioned what medication it was, and now again is that I use, because the brand-name is not what's relevant. What is relevant is that You SHOULD never stop your medication unless your doctor and you (together) decide, the best course of action that you should be doing for your MS.

For the many who thought that I was having problems with my medication, I will tell you that there was no problem with it, just my error, in ceasing to use it.

After now having had a few injections once again (since I re-began my regimen), I am beginning to again Feel Empowered for a few hours here and there. Still overwhelmed though with fatigue which then relates to the cognitive problems, tingling and dizziness. What a horrible domino effect this has been causing...

Again- My Mission: "To EMPOWER You (the Patient, Caregiver, Family Member, Friend or Healthcare Professional), with current Info and Needed Knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis"
Why? Because, "Knowledge IS Power" and BECAUSE I CARE.. If I didn't care, I would not take the time to help others.

Be thankful that I Do Care. And so, I do for others, as I would want them to do for me!!

Now let's go forward and no longer backwards......

My Thanks again to all who left comments or called me or wrote to me in the past few days.


Stuart Schlossman
Thurs - April 10th - Addendum:
I did another injection last night ( I think this was number 6 or 7 - after the comeback), and I awoke today
almost feeling great. This, my friends - IS GOOD NEWS !!!!


Ileana said...

I read your blog and Believe me when I say I have considered what you did many times, sometimes I skip when I am not feeling well enough to feel bad the next day. But as you can attest to, I have got to keep going.

Pam said...

Well--- I guess that after reading your story of bravery, I will stop
letting in the thought of "not injecting"! Yes, the bruises and pain
are a PAIN but to hear all that you went through does not seem to be
worth it in the end!
Thanks for sharing your story with all of us---- I personally
appreciate getting all your emails that contain useful information!
:) Pam

Anonymous said...

Your mother and father love you and support you at all times. There's no sense saying anymore. We want to see you well and happy!

Patty said...

I don't think what you did was stupid at all! I am going back on the medication after a 7 year hiatus! SEVEN years!
I had the advantage of having a couple of babies in between there, so my body worked for me rather than against me.
I've always had a pretty mild case, but lately it's been bad enough for steroids and that scares me enough to take medication.
Why can't they just make it in a pill format?
Why is it so expensive?

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