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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Occupational Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

By Susan Dorne - Miami, Florida

People with MS are faced with numerous challenges that may affect the things they want and need to do. Often limitations impede the ability to take care of basic needs at home, at work and within the community. Simple everyday tasks can turn into daily frustration. One of the best approaches to help alleviate these challenges is through the intervention of Occupational Therapy.

I am an occupational therapist with 20 years experience and I have had MS for 12 years. It has been essential for me to incorporate my professional skills to help me as my MS has progressed over the past several years. I can validate the impact occupational therapy can make not only as a healthcare provider but also as a person who has MS.

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1 comment:

Czes Kulvis said...

Hi Susan

I am sorry for your Multiple Sclerosis. Not good.

Being a MS-er from 1996, I understand what you feel and what you are trying to do.

Thats nice and could be really helpful for those MS-ers with not severe symptoms. Definitely, it could not help any MS sufferer.

Thank you