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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MS Society Announces National Health Care Reform Principles

Society Announces National Health Care Reform Principles

Discussions about health care reform across the country are in full swing. It seems inevitable that when a new President takes office and a new Congress convenes in January 2009, health care reform will be at the top of the "to do" list. Any reform to the current health care system will only work if it is significant and provides meaningful solutions.

MS Activists are in a unique position to help shape the health care policies of tomorrow. The National MS Society's National Board of Directors recently adopted a set of National Health Care Reform Principles. These principles will be our tool as we move forward to engage and educate legislators about meaningful health care reform.

Click here to view the National MS Society National Health Care Reform Principles document.

A task force of the Federal Activism Council was charged with creating these guiding principles. The task force, comprised of Society staff, people living with MS and MS experts, reviewed all aspects of health care and what reform should look like for people with chronic conditions. The principles, outlined below, represent the areas in most need of reform.

  • Accessible health care coverage
  • Affordable health care services and coverage
  • Standard for coverage of specific treatments
  • Elimination of disparities in care
  • Comprehensive, quality health care available to all
  • Increased value of health care
  • Access to high-quality, long-term supports & services

Each of these principles were discussed and fleshed out under the context of the specific needs of people with MS. A chronic disease such as MS means extra reliance on health care services in order to maintain or cope with effects of a deteriorating condition. In addition, people with MS often have needs that require special consideration that might not be considered a priority in the broader health care reform debate. It is important that MS Activists ensure that those special needs are a part of the overall health care reform debate.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's important but barely touches the reforms that should be made and how we patients can fight for them. Simply saying what we need will get us nothing. Out healcare service in this country stinks. The sicker you are, the less care you recieve!