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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Living With MS (Lauren's Tysabri Diary) -Includes Tysabri Information Links

Living With MS (Lauren's Tysabri Diary)

You may contact Lauren if you have any further questions about Tysabri, but she asks that you please remember, she's not a doctor, only a Tysabri patient that has been living with MS for 32 plus years... you may contact her via her e-mail address which is:

Here is a short biography of Lauren and her fight to overcome the challenges of living with MS:

At the age of 22, Lauren Roberts was a typical young adult, highly athletic, playing in two AAA softball leagues simultaneously and was a swimming enthusiast. After being sidelined with a severe injury and with continuing sensory changes, she was ultimately left with two numb hands and a diagnosis of MS in 1976. "I had to make a decision of whether I was going to wallow in self pity, or live my life to its fullest potential while maintaining a positive attitude as much as possible", she commented.

Being a straight A student in school, she went on to receive her Degree in paralegal studies and became a Certified Paralegal, working in the legal field until 2001, and ultimately retiring due to a variety of new and increasing symptoms. In early 2005, after receiving her first dose of Tysabri, her symptoms started to dramatically improve.

When Tysabri was temporarily removed from the market in March 2005, she states, "I was completely heartbroken and devastated, but determined to become a patient advocate for my own health", testifying before the FDA AC in March 2006 in an effort to bring Tysabri back (along with testimonies of other MS patients), as well as writing a published legal opinion letter about Tysabri. She goes on to state, "Even though I am now in a wheelchair due to a severe relapse that I suffered in mid-2005 when Tysabri was temporarily removed from the market, my reality is that since restarting Tysabri therapy in October 2006, I am experiencing absolutely no side effects whatsoever and I am gaining strength with each infusion I receive. I love the convenience of only having to treat my MS once every 28 days with an infusion instead of having to self-administer a shot, and feel very safe with the Touch protocol in place. I will never lose hope, thanks to Tysabri." She remains relapse free since restarting Tysabri over two years ago, with only slight disease progression.

Her days are now filled with physical therapy exercises, encouraging other MS patients to hold onto their hopes, teaching others to become their own patient advocates, and continuing in her quest to educate as many people as possible about the accurate facts regarding Tysabri, including dispelling Tysabri inaccuracies and calming patient fears. She maintains her positive attitude, and truly believes that having 'A Positive Attitude = Possibilities, whereas having A Negative Attitude = Nothing'. She adds, "I choose to have a positive attitude when living my life with the added challenges of MS. I have MS, but MS does not have me."

Links that you might find of interest regarding Lauren and/or Tysabri:

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Short video of How Tysabri Works:
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New and improved Tysabri information:
TYSABRI (Natalizumab)
There are many, many other links found on the sidebar of her blog, and she is more than happy to try and answer any Tysabri questions that are sent to her via your e-mails.

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