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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Message from an MS Peer in Saudi Arabia

I received this message from an MS peer in Saudi Arabia whom I met on Facebook.
Yes, I am now on facebook too.. No wonder I have no time to breath anymore.

dear stuart
i would like to thank u for you writing and care and website
i thank you for that gift and to know that i am not facing it alone and how i would love and wish to learn and know more about ms the thing that had changed my life ,,,,,
you are right about the reason from where i got it form my moms irish side i heard it from the doctors here but didnt think it was true and till i heard it from you .. with all the drama in my life never knew that i wil get ms,,, i used to work as a flight attendent at the saudi airlines for 3 years it was the time of my life never could be more happy
i was so in to sports diving and all an till i got ms the first time this was about 2 years ago i got it in my leggs they where all numb
the doctors didnt explan what was ms at that time it wasnt that known in saudi ,, so anyway it took me time to walk good ,, and i couldnt fly no more they moved me to a ground job that i dont like at all :)
and then one year after on last APR,,, ms hit me agin
it had started on my fingers then it came all over my left side from hed to feet .. i am lucky that my work covers all treatment and medications i was in hospital for about 60 days i couldnt move walk take or hear i couldnt even sit and my eye site when down to -13
i knew my life was over and it took me along time to stand up i had so much faith to stand after i lost my car and alot of thing i cant explan the hell i was in my heart just died but i made it i got back on my feet and got married and did so much things ,,, but still i got alot of efect from ms ... such as my eyes some parts of my left arm and hands are num and cant run in some ways i wasnt the same man i found i a dark side in me ,, but i am still figthing and i take some medications for ms ,, and it is a injection called rebif i take it 3 time a week ,, but really it is killing me . making me so sick and weak each time i take it ,,
and the doctors say it wont cure ms but if it comes back it wont be that strong ,,, i know my life wont ever be the same i meen i cant get mad or so happy or else my left side will move alot and i cant stop it
anyway i am so sorry for this long email i could go on and on :) so u take care and really hope to hear soon from you take care and may god keep u and ur famliy safe
your friend amro
Just so you each know, after receiving this letter from Amro, I replied - lifting his spirits and answering his many questions.. They do not have a lot of people in Saudi Arabia with MS and so, via facebook he now has a new way of reaching out to others. Helping him to better understand Rebif and what it will do for him and how to combat his getting sick from it, was one of my first priorities...
If you want to comment, I would think that Amro would appreciate your responses...


Anonymous said...

Hello Amro,
I'm Maris in Israel. That's not so far away from Saudi Arabia.

I used to work as a high school English teacher. I took early retirement on disability from September, 2002. It was the best thing I did for myself.

What I really am is a wife, mom, grandmother, poet, photographer, all when I have the energy for them. I don't do too many things at a time.

I started with Copaxone in 1999. It helped a little, but I was already SPMS by then and never had remissions. Then in 2001 I started Betaferon. I've been injecting that ever since. It seems that my situation is stable. My neuro is happy that my brain mass hasn't gone down, whatever that means. My symptoms still get worse all the time :-O .

I take life day by day and do what I can. I swim every morning. After that I do what my energy allows. My philosophy is to make the best of any situation so that's what I'm doing about having MS :-) .

Feel good and know there are lots of us out here.

Maris in Israel

november said...

Hello Maris
I would like to thank u so much for your words that you left me
And it was so nice to hear from you
You look so strong and brave and full of life and I do wish you all the best and happiness for you and your family and may all your sky's be clear
Hope to hear soon from you
Your friend

Stuart said...

I am delighted to see, that Amro is being chatted with... He needs MS Friends, as his knowing people with MS in Saudi Arabia is almost non-existent..