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Sunday, March 29, 2009

BetaPlus Offers CoPay Assistance for Betaseron Users

Betaplus Offers Copay Refund
As part of its Betaplus patient support program, Bayer will refund a single copay for those who take Betaseron for 11 consecutive months. Under the new benefit, people who send in their prescription receipts for Betaseron will be refunded the copay for their 11th month of use of the drug, up to $500.
The Betaplus program also has other options to save patients money, including monthly co-pay assistance for as long as a person is on Betaseron therapy and specialists who may be able to help obtain insurance coverage of the drug.
The Betaplus program also offers access to MS nurses, email reminders about injection days, one-on-one injection training, and calls from peer mentors.
For more information about the copay refund or other Betaplus programs, call 1-800-788-1467 or visit

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