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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stem Cell Treatment Gives Texas Sheriff With Multiple Sclerosis His Job Back

Posted 20 April, 2009

Stem Cell Therapy - Giving Life Back

Multiple Sclerosis had taken many things away from Jason Upshaw- his job at the Sheriff’s department, his ability to play with his kids, as well as his ability to walk. Jason had given up hope . Luckily for Jason, he found an article about Preston Walker, another law enforcement officer in Texas with MS. Preston Walker had gone to Costa Rica for a new stem cell treatment and therapy using Adult Stem Cells and had reported tremendous improvements.

Jason, 36, of Erath County, Texas contacted Preston Walker who gave the stem cell therapy a glowing review. Jason promptly contacted the stem cell treatment company in Costa Rica and arranged to go there for treatment.

In June, 2008, Jason went to Costa Rica with his mother to receive the Adult Stem Cells that would turn his life around.

READ FULL article found here: Adult Stem Cell Pundit

Jason hasn’t let the FDA stop him from spreading the wonders of adult stem cell therapy around. Jason is now speaking in front of groups and writes 25-50 emails a day to MS patients who are in similar straits to where Jason once was.

One of those MS patients is Robyn Gorrie who is in Costa Rica now (April 2009) receiving stem cell therapy for her condition. Jason wrote a very nice email to her-

I now play baseball with my boys in the back yard. I’d nearly given up on ever being able to do that again, much less get back in to the profession I love. Please feel free to contact me at any time. You can call anytime. Please know that you are in my prayers and I hope you get to go, it has truly changed my life.
Your friend,
Jason Upshaw”

You can read Jason’s full email to Robyn here

Other MS Patients Who Have Had Successful Stem Cell Treatment in Costa Rica:Holly Huber, Jennifer Blankenship and Dennis Trammell and Angie Adcox, Joey Quinn, and Juli Balli who all followed in the footsteps of Richard Humphries and Preston Walker.

Special Note: Stu's View sand M.S. News does not endorse this form of Treatment. We only provide options and report those options to those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Stem Cell therapy is very expensive, can make you ill as it reduces the effectiveness of your immune system to fight other contaminants, and not yet 100% effective.

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