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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amendment Creates Cap at $200 per Month per Prescription

Source: Nat'l MS Society

You can help make MS disease-modifying therapies more affordable for people living with multiple sclerosis. Senator John Rockefeller (WV) has introduced Amendment D6 to health care reform legislation. This amendment aims to eliminate discriminatory prescription drug cost-sharing for individuals with chronic disease in the Medicare Part D program. It will cap out-of-pocket drug costs at $200 per month per prescription.
Your Senator sits on the Senate Finance Committee and will help decide this issue.
Click here and enter your ZIP to ask your Senator for support.
The annual cost of MS drugs can exceed $30,000 with some people paying more than $800 a month out-of-pocket. Many people with MS are often forced to stop their prescribed therapy because they cannot afford to pay the out-of-pocket costs.

Those high costs impose a significant burden on patients and create a barrier to accessing necessary medicines. Capping out-of-pocket drug costs at $200 per month per prescription and $500 a month for all prescription medications is a step toward peace of mind for all who struggle to afford their medicines.
Prior to the Senate recess in August, Senator Rockefeller introduced the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act (S. 1630). While this bill continues to be considered in the Senate, Senator Rockefeller has offered Amendment D6 to address the growing use of high-priced tiering plans in the Medicare Part D program. If passed, this amendment would be part of the overall health care reform package.
Thank you for being an MS activist.

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