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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Writer (with MS) to donate half of her net proceeds to the MS Society of Canada for MS research

About the Writer, Barbara Dickson:
Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1992, Barbara refused to succumb to illness without a fearless fight. Forced to retire from her career as an IT software analyst, she quickly re-discovered her love of writing.

Now a multi-published inspirational author and public speaker, Barbara strives to instill hope in her audiences, especially when life has other plans. Barbara’s determined to touch the world, one heart at a time.

Half of all net proceeds from the sale of Mountains for Maddi will be donated to MS research, and is supported by the MS Society of Canada.

Readers can reach Barbara via her website at:

or by e-mail at:


About: Mountains for Maddi:

Maddi Madigan, while on vacation, careens into Dr. Gregory Connor on a snowy ski slope. Entangled with Greg and buried in snow, her heart skitters, almost as far as her ski poles.

She soaks up the magnificent Rocky Mountain atmosphere over the next few days while avoiding an entanglement of another kind—romance. She bears the scars from a broken engagement, and is convinced men and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis don’t mix; at least that’s what her head tells her.

Too bad her heart has other plans. Greg, utterly smitten, pursues Maddi the same way he works—hard. When she lingers just beyond his romantic grasp, he rallies with dogged determination.

Can Maddi make it through the week without her heart ending up in a puddle of slush at Greg’s feet? How hard should she try?

Could Greg truly offer hope for a Happily Ever After?


Learn how to get your copy of this romantic novel by clicking the link found above to reach Barbara


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