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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stem cells trial for MS patients

A new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) is being pioneered near Bristol.

Six patients at Frenchay Hospital are being injected with their own stem cells in the hope that they will repair damage to the brain.

Approximately 60,000 people in the UK suffer from MS, an incurable disease of the nervous system.

Prof Neil Scolding, of the Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, said: "We know stem cells are attracted into the brain, into these areas of damage."

He added that he hoped the stem cells would "help those areas to stop getting worse" and "repair damage".

'Lot of hope'

Liz Allison, an MS patient taking part in the trial, said: "I'm hoping there will be some improvement."

BBC health correspondent Matthew Hill said: "We've already seen stem cells used on cardiac patients but this is the first time a reputable organisation has tried it out on MS patients.

"There is a lot of hope riding on these trials but it is very early days yet."

He added that it was likely to be several months before any conclusions could be drawn regarding the treatment.

Source: BBC News

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Ray mumme said...

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I was diagnosed with MS about seven years ago and suffered from fatigue and memory loss. The doctors started me on daily injections immediately which I took for about a year and a half. My body did not have much reaction to those injections so I had another MRI. The MS seemed to be progressing, so the doctors wanted me to change medications.

I began a different series of injections, one every three days. I would be down for two days after each injection. Those were bad! I suffered through that regimen for about a year before finding some alternative therapy. I was drinking carrot juice and that seemed to help quite a bit, so I quit having the injections. But after two years of drinking carrot juice I found it wasn’t working any more. At that time someone introduced me to Stem Cell Nutrition and I decided to try it.

The very first night I took it I could feel a difference. I not only slept well but I woke up very early the next morning which was unusual for me since fatigue was my biggest symptom.

Now, with Stem Cell Nutrition my fatigue is lessening and my memory is beginning to get better also. I rest much better now and I recommend Stem Cell Nutrition to all my friends. I will be forever grateful.

Mansoor said...

Hi i'm using interferone 1b and i am on a very difficult diet too.
carrot joice helps too ? how is it usefull ?

Anonymous said...

The author of the article is mistaken. This is not the first time a "reputable" organization has used stem cell therapy on MS patients. It has been used in Costa Rica, Israel, Germany, China, and even in the U.S. I, personally, have had great improvement from SCT in Costa Rica, as have many others over the past year.

gerry c. said...

where does one get stem cell therapy?

gerry c. said...

question should have been, where does one recieve "stem cell nutrition?