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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing Multiple Sclerosis Research for 2010

Billions of dollars are being used to jump start the year 2010's research for multiple sclerosis and it will be interesting to watch it all unfold.

MS was first diagnosed in 1849 even though the earliest known description with possible MS is dated in fourteenth century Holland.* and is hard to research for many reasons; three of those include the cause of the disease, there being no single pattern to follow as there are different categories of it, and the course of the MS being unpredictable. Since it is difficult to scientifically pinpoint, because of those reasons listed above among others, extensive placebo-controlled clinical trials are required.

We are finding more scientists than ever researching this disease and have also seen more money being allocated for it's study than ever before, even more than for cancer at this time. What follows is a just a small list of potentially high-impact studies having already being done with results slated towards being published in 2010 or fresh money being slated for specific new studies starting next year:

  • The United States National MS Society has issued a statement for international grant applications to examine CCSVI (see previous article) on disease progress and are working with MS Societies around the globe as well. An international panel is going to be convened for a joint review of grant applications to find a strategic approach towards funding the best research for CCSVI.
  • Charcot Research Fund 2010 -- Most clinical trials running right now are working towards replacing injections with a pill form of the drugs for comfort. They are reporting that most are in Phase 2 studies where the most promising molecules are selected ( fumaric acid, cladribine, and laquinmod ) to use in Phase 3 studies. Fingolimod Phase 2 results were published previously and were given the green-light for Phase 3 which is already underway.
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Nancy said...

Stu, how I wish for those days of anticipation. Looking forward to my next infusion and the promise of improvement. Things have started to sour as I approach my third year of Tysabri. MS has come back with a vengeance. My shuffle is back along with the terrible cognitive fog. Walker and wheelchair have been dusted off and are in use for trips longer then a block. It was a fine experience, but now I'm filled with fear. Fear of MS and fear of PML.

Stuart said...

sorry to hear this Nancy...

Lola said...

I am currently reading a book called The Gold Coast Cure written by a doctor and his wife who manages MS. They have explored the connection between nutrition and MS as well as many other diseases involving inflammation. This is an area I would like to see explored...the book so far is quite fascinating!