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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exercise Success Secret for People with MS: Be Confident

I would love to say that I am perfect and talk about my wonderful exercise routine that includes yoga, swimming, strength training and other things that I do to stay healthy. The reality is that I have never really loved exercise, and MS has given me about a million convenient excuses why I won’t put on my exercise gear and head to the gym (of course, I’m always going to exercise tomorrow).

Although there really are many valid reasons for my lack of enthusiasm about exercise -- heat intolerance, fatigue and uncomfortable symptoms, just to name a few –- I am going to resolve to do something physical.

We all know that exercise is good for us –- it helps keep our heart, bones and body healthy. It is especially important for people with MS to be as physically active as possible. It is one of the things we can do to ensure that we stay healthy as we age. Exercise helps reduce risk of osteoporosis, which is especially dangerous for someone with MS. Exercise also helps preserve our sense of balance and improves mood.

Because of all these benefits, researchers studied an approach to get people with MS to be more physically active. I’m going to try some of the tips listed and be determined to get into a regular exercise program. Explore different ways that you can make these ideas work for you, too.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice about exercising and MS, Julie. Stu's also posted something about new research with sex hormones & MS.

MSers would like to hear more about is how some drugs (i.e., certain selective adhesion modifiers) like Tysabri (aka natalizumab) help release MORE stem cells into your bloodstream!
Are you aware of Dr. Thalia Papayannopoulos' research into how Tysabri increases STEM CELLS in the bloodstream after just one infusion for up to 72 hours?
Can you tell us if the restrictions on her research about Tysabri =more stem cells has been lifted? Are any new studies pending?
Can you tell us how soon a patient must EXERCISE & SEXERCISE after a TYSABRI infusion to release the most STEM CELLS?

Anonymous said...

I've been obsessive about exercising ever since my diagnosis. I believe it the reason I still do pretty well. Been through all the CRAB drugs, Novantron, Tysabri, eastern cures. I've done 1 Ironman, and countless 1/2 Ironman races. In my mind, exercise is the reason why I am still in the game. Nothing medical to substantiate this. David