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Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Infusion Update (Day 2+) by Stuart

In follow-up to what you read yesterday, by 3 in the afternoon, I began losing grogginess and easily by 5pm I was feeling like myself again...

Then,,,,,,, WHAM - at Just past 7:10pm I felt this surge of energy come over me and I felt like I wanted to run a marathon. I had heard whispers of this over the months leading up to this infusion, but thought each person was just imagining-it... but No-o-o,,,,, Now at 10pm I was eager to penetrate the world.. To get back in the saddle (so to speak) and conquer... I was buzzing. Bizzing and Buzzing and tingling from head to toe. Something had to be done. And I knew what next had to be done, if I was to get some sleep.

True to form, that "high" or "rush" soon depleted itself (thanks to one of those pink tablets), allowing me to get a restful night's sleep and then take on the world in the morning.

And so here I am, wide awake and bushy-tailed. Fully alert, with lots of energy...

Again - this was just a follow-up as so many have asked me to keep them informed. How better than posting something here and then this posting will feed (technologically) to facebook, live journal and others..

If you have any questions for me, write to .

written by Stuart Schlossman- RRMS
December 19, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Gee Stu. Great to hear that you're feeling better some with Tysabri.

What do you think of the research that is being restricted into Tysabri & how it promotes MORE STEM CELLS into your bloodstream?

Do you think it should be restricted?
Wouldn't you think MSers would want to know how to "optimize" their STEM CELLS with Tysabri with exercise & sexercise soon after the infusion?
How soon? RESTRICTED!!!

Stuart said...

Dear Anonymous,
I did not know that Tysabri is being used to introduce stem cells into the blood. Where did you hear or read this?

what's with all the restrictions you write?

Also - I did not say that Tysabri was making me feel better, in my recent blog postings. what I wrote was that I was feeling better, that the grogginess and feeling dopey had disappeared and so, I was feeling better and energetic.

And tell me about this sexercise and exercise after infusion

Thank You

Anonymous said...

from the link,

"Regarding the disease status of MS patients, we were restricted by the Institutional Review Board to collect only data essential to the goal of our study."

"the goal of our studies was to test hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell (HSPC) mobilization in humans after a single dose ...with the ... alpha4-integrin antibody natalizumab."

Anonymous said...

Regarding TYSABRI & how it promotes more STEM CELLS in body....go to
Enter as shown below....

"Papayannopoulou T"[Author]

Click on GO. Should see 248 Abstracts in PubMed & 63 Free, full text journal articles.

Chinese & others like AntiSense (owned by TEVA?) working on
their versions of anti-VLA-4 drugs.

Anonymous said...

Most everyone knows STEM CELLS come from your own BONE MARROW. see Wiki.

And the expected HALF-Life of these STEM CELLS is somewhere in the 1-2 hour range.

Most know exercise PROMOTES increased bloodflow. Increased bloodflow helps to flush out STEM CELLS. Thus, as NUMEROUS STUDIES show....

Anonymous said...

Suggested read....for those on
TYSABRI with MS or Crohn's

Stem Cell Ecology
by Dr. Thalia Papayannopoulu &
Dr. David Scadden

What I'd like to know Stu is -


What's up at the US Veterans Admin?

No TYSABRI studies by NIH?



Anonymous said...

With respect to the SEXERCISE soon after your TYSABRI infusion....

Consult your doctor FIRST.

For some information before you talk to your doc....go to wiki

Note the Growth hormones secreted!

Remember it with the STEM CELL ECOLOGY article previously mentioned?

So try to take your SPOUSE or MATE to your TYSABRI infusion.....& SMILE....
they're BOTH good for YOU!

Lauren said...

Oh Stuart, I wish you could see the smile on my face..., I am grinning from ear to ear at your post.

I am sure that your New Year will be filled with wonders, and I wish you nothing but happiness, always--

Lauren :)

Wayne said...

Hi Stuart, no you are not crazy. This is a typical reaction for those taking Tysabri but I must say, you seem to be working way too hard. It seems we're a lot alike in that I'm pretty much Type A, you Iknow always on the go. That's what I'm hearing from you but as I've been reminded a million times before, "you have MS and you have to slow down". My response is "I'll slow down when I'm dead". You're a passionate guy about what you do and it's wonderful that you have this awesome site for folks with MS. Keep up the awesome work and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year to you and your family!

Stuart said...

Yes Wayne - Of Course I am Type "A" - as are many with MS.
And yes, I tend to over-do ALL.

And YES - I too have mentioned many times in my many years that I will have plenty of time to sleep, when I cease from living. Meanwhile though, I need to live as I have too much to do, "for others".

Yes, A Happy Healthy 2010 and let's also include "Hope".

Thanks for your comments and all else who have left their feedback.