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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rants and Raves over "Stu's Views & M.S. News"

Everyday we (me, I and myself) hear or receive emails from people delighted and appreciative of the information found on this blog and within the MS Views and News website.

Some comment how they had felt lost with lack of information until they found these two sites and then since, have gained a better 'handle' knowing that when they seek to learn more of their MS or to just remain up to date, that they only have to click on the bookmarked site for Stu's Views and MS News or to our website.

Yet, with all that has been mentioned of this blog, there are many who still need to learn how to use it to find answers to things they recently heard.

Like for Instance CCSVI.. They send emails asking if I have heard about it? Uh- yea...!!!! It's been in almost every e-newsletter of mine since the beginning of December and uh, yea,,,,,,, you can easily just do a blog search to see if I have any articles of it yet on my site.

Oh, so that leads us to the next situation.. How to find things on this site. After all, there are well over 1000 articles and there is just no way to san each to find what you seek...
THIS is why there is a little box found near to the upper right called Blog Search... Actually it is not a box. It's a rectangle... Ok- yes , a bit of sarcasm going on here, no?

So anyway, for those that wonder how to find things, with blog search is a "HOW to USE Blog Search", found directly beneath the rectangular window.
Again imagine that,, Stuart tried to cover the bases. After all, he too has MS and knows how baffling and confusing things can be when websites are not user friendly... I know,, sarcasm again?!!

No but seriously,,, If you get a tingling sensation (what a pun , having MS) - of hearing news of something new effecting the MS community, take a look here, on this blog first before asking me if I have heard anything about a specific subject. If it's not here, Scream at me and ask why it's not yet in print.

Ok - are we god to go? Ready to learn. Please find the Blog Search Rectangle and type in (for instance) CCSVI (or Pain, or Fatigue - as examples). Click enter. Then see all the links that appear contains those typed-in letters (or another keyword).

Many blue link titles will then appear. Click on the one you want to read.
Under the ones shown there may be numbers (also in blue). This refers to other pages of articles to also read on that subject.

Have any questions? Any Comments ? If so, please write to me at .

Thank you

and sorry about any sarcasm you may have found...

Have a good weekend.



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