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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why the US news media silence, on CCSVI for MS??

written by Marc Stecker (wheelchair kamikaze)- New York, USA

The topic of CCSVI, the radical new theory that MS may in fact be a vascular disease, has been raging on the Internet for several months now. On some prominent MS forums, the topic has bred near hysteria among contributors, and the websites of most of the major MS advocacy groups (the NMSS, the MSAA, etc.) have featured CCSVI information, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Outside of the US, CCSVI has been featured prominently in mainstream television and print news media outlets. In Canada, one of the major television networks aired a 20 minute long newsmagazine feature on CCSVI, and the pros and cons of the theory have been written about in many of the country's newspapers. The European news media have also devoted time to the theory, which got its start when the wife of an Italian vascular surgeon developed multiple sclerosis, and he investigated the blood vessels associated with her central nervous system, finding odd vascular abnormalities.

In the United States, though, the media have responded to this potentially groundbreaking theory with resounding silence. There have been no print articles about CCSVI in any major American newspaper, nor have any of the US television network news organizations paid it any notice. Very strange, given the breathless coverage many medical discoveries of lesser potential are given in the modern, voracious 24-hour news environment that demands a constant stream of newsworthy items and events. The "balloon boy" hoax was given countless hours of coverage; yet a story about a possible breakthrough in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans, has warranted not even a whisper.

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