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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quality of Life is Important - TREAT EARLY

Sunday - May 30, 2010

New patient assistance programme offers hope for a better quality of life with for those living with multiple sclerosis.
BAYER Schering Pharma recently launched a patient assistance programme to help more people with multiple sclerosis (MS) enjoy a better quality of life through early and continued treatment with interferon beta. The programme was introduced in conjunction with World MS Day 2010 on May 26.
The disease progresses through the years, affecting a person’s quality of life. Some may eventually develop severe and irreversible disabilities causing them to becoming totally paralysed, wheelchair-bound, and even blind.
Statistics suggest that one out of three people with MS may need a cane or other assistive device in their lifetime. People with MS may also suffer from depression. One study found that the risk of suicide was 7.5 times higher among people with MS than the general population.
The exact cause of MS is unknown. Research suggests that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are involved.
· Environmental factors: MS occurs with much greater frequency in higher latitudes away from the equator, than in lower latitudes, closer to the equator. Although it is unclear why, it is also thought that environmental factors, such as a bacteria or virus, may cause the destruction of myelin in animals and humans. Although many different viruses have been implicated in causing MS, no definitive proof has been able to link any one virus to the disease.

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