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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thursday - April 26th at 8:30PM ET - Listen with an MS Patient who seems to have had a successful Stem Cell Transplant

This Thursday - April 26th at 8:30pm ET 
Listen to Stuart and Deanne of StuMS Radio and Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged, speak with Sandi Selvi, who had a Stem Cell treatment that has seemed to work.

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Sandi Selvi, born Sandra Lynn Abram - March 15, 1960, San Jose, California. Comedian and Author of, 'Won't Do Stand-Up in a Wheelchair' (Wyatt-Mackenzie, March 2010) Sandi was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. 

When her doctors told her she was advancing so rapidly that they expected her to be in a wheelchair within 5 years, Sandi began to look for any other possibilities. She realized right then and there, that there were two things she did not look good in, one was green, the other was wheelchair's. Sandi stumbled upon a well kept secret; stem cell research. They had been doing stem cell transplants for Multiple Sclerosis in Europe, for years. 

The science had Sandi convinced, that it could be a viable alternative. Besides, the drugs the doctors had been giving her, were no longer working. It was a no brainer, so she volunteered at the Scripps Green Hospital in San Diego, for an experimental autologous stem cell transplant (using her own stem cells). 

In preparation for her transplant, Sandi's lung was accidentally punctured. Sandi claims that a $10.99 box of comedy tapes purchased at Costco, was what kept her alive that night that her lung was punctured. Now, it is comedy that keeps her sane. 

Since the transplant Sandi has no new lesions, no new symptoms, and best of all, most of her old Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are gone.

 Conclusion: The transplant worked! Who's laughing now?

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