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Saturday, May 26, 2012

MS Related - Give me a BREAK Montel Williams

written by Stuart S. - 05.26.12

There is an article that came out yesterday, shown below that makes me cringe even more than my usual cringe, when I read his articles, and his complaining.

Give me a BREAK Montel... Stop looking for pity from others who often are far worse medically and definitely far from you financially... Coming out with the statement that you only have about four years to live (shown below) from your MS?  I know several black men with MS and never heard from any of them that the MS will soon be taking their lives. I do know that they do whatever they can, medically and spiritually to stay on top of the world. Four years? 

Seriously - Stop the bitching and start taking medication again to thwart the disease progression. You did tell the world that you stopped the meds because you felt they were not doing anything for you. Maybe you could have tried something different. After all, not all medications, not everything, works for everybody... Did you try a second generation of MS Medication?

Yes Montel, I hope this note gets you so pissed-off that you will take an upper hand and not hide behind another stick of cannabis...

Stuart -  - this is, one of,  "Stu's Views" and Just my Opinion... 


Climbing high over MS


Posted 1 day ago
Montel Williams says he only has about four years left to live -- based on research and statistics on life expectancy for black men who have multiple sclerosis.

But the 55-year-old former TV talk show host, who was diagnosed with MS in 1999, has vowed to do all he can to buck the trend.

"Supposedly, I've got some ticking time bomb in my body. Are you kidding me?" Williams candidly tells QMI Agency in an exclusive interview. "I'm not going to wait around for 59 and die. I'm going to do everything I can to live, and live a good and productive life.

"By paying attention to my diet, exercising and taking my medication on time, I'm making a difference."

For the past 13 years, the Emmy Award-winning host of The Montel Williams Show, produced from 1981 to 2008, has been waging a daily battle with the debilitating autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, and for which there is no cure.

His symptoms range from extreme neuropathic pain in his lower extremities and weakness in his left hip flexor and left shoulder, to numbness in his fingers.

Despite his predominantly upbeat attitude, Williams admits he has his moments.

"Depression is a symptom of MS. There are those days when I sit around and wallow in my muck and say, 'Woe is me,'" the married father of four reveals. "I do that for about 10 minutes until I smack myself upside the head and realize it's worthless, it does no good. What does good is when I say, 'You know what? I'm going to do this.' And I feel better."
Williams reached perhaps one of his lowest points circa 2009, when his doctor suggested during a routine checkup that it was time for the avid snowboarder to hang up his snowboard and opt for less-intense physical pursuits.
"I was so pissed. I was like, 'Screw you, man,' " he recalls. 

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Harrison Graden said...

I am not sure just how much the Avonex does for me other than make me sick with side effects but I continue my regimen because my onset/relapse was something I never want to happen again! As far as Montel goes, he is a daytime talk show host who made his living on sensationalism, this is just that. I hope he does not die, he is one of the few who takes our damn disease into the spotlight. Otherwise it is relegated to a disease that someone's Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, friend has... but no one has a clue about!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the article is pretty upbeat and encouraging. I actually don't know anyone with MS - and I know lots of people with our disease - who doesn't fall into depression every now and then. We have a very difficult disease. The best we can do and be are encouragers to each other. Montel is such a guy. So are you, Stu...:)

Walter H said...

I asked MY doctor once, MANY years ago about the MORTALITY RATE of MS and he told me it is the same as ANYTHING. It changes NOTHING as far as how long you have on THIS earth! He also told me that IF someone tells me they can 'extend' my life expectancy with MS further by following something THEY say, it is likely a HOAX and to NOT PAY FOR IT!!!

Deleyna said...

I don't have MS. My friend Lynne Sears Williams does. I won't say how many years she has lived with MS, but she's had it much longer than 4 years.

I know that people with MS can get down. I've watched Lynne go up and down, but what amazed me was her ability to press through and finish the novel she dreamed of writing. Through blinding headaches and days of not being able to see the screen, she kept going. And she didn't just write a "good" book. She wrote a "great" book, a historical fiction set in Wales called "The Comrades."

Lynne is an inspiration, because she fought back against the MS rather than giving into it.

Montel has the public platform that he could do so much to further research and encourage others!

khills said...

I think he is upbeat in this article, too. Montel has been a positive force in MS. Love him (and you, too, Stu). Montel has been in the public with MS for a long time, and I have appreciated the way he has brought a lot of awareness of MS to the public.

Paula, West Jordan, UT said...

I lost my respect for Montel a very long time ago. Thank you for writting this