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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monthly tips to help you live well and stay active with MS

Considering Cognitive Changes

When most people think of MS symptoms, they first think of the physical impact that MS can have. However, it's important to remember that MS can cause cognitive changes as well. Cognitive symptoms can include changes in:
  • Mood    • Attention    • Memory    • Problem solving    • Speech

If you notice changes in your cognitive ability, talk with your doctor. By bringing your concerns out into the open, you can take action to help keep cognitive MS symptoms under control. 

How Can I Manage My Cognitive Problems?

Bring it up. If you don't mention your cognitive issues, people may think that you're careless or indifferent.

Get organized. Use calendars, electronic devices, and even sticky notes to help you keep track of important information.

Plan accordingly To avoid "cognitive fatigue," schedule your most mentally challenging tasks for the time of day when you're most alert.
Get your beauty sleep. You're more focused when you're well rested.

Challenge yourself. Keep your mind flexible with puzzles, reading, games, and other mentally stimulating activities. 


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