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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top MS Scientists Collaborate at MRF's Annual Research Meeting

Last month, the Myelin Repair Foundation gathered the entire MRF research team together for our annual research meeting, to strategize our pathway moving forward into myelin repair clinical trials. 

Our team of approximately 60 scientists consists of clinical neurologists, cell biologists, immunologists, genetics specialists, government experts and MRF scientific staff members gathered by the bay to collaborate and discuss the latest advances in myelin research towards developing a myelin repair therapeutic. The MRF Principal Investigators presented their latest scientific results alongside with their post-doctoral/graduate students, on posters and in Power Point presentations. Dr. Henry McFarland, head of the MRF Clinical Advisory Board, talked about the history of MS, which began in the early 1300s, with the first known case of MS-an ice skating nun named Saint Liduina of Schiedam. At another session, MRF CAB member Dr. Al Sandrock, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Development Sciences at Biogen Idec presented the industry perspective of MS drug development, along with its unique challenges and opportunities to meet patient need.

By gathering our world-class myelin experts together, from places as far as Europe and Australia, the Myelin Repair Foundation facilitated important discussions to strategize our path forward to bring a myelin repair therapeutic to multiple sclerosis patients in 2019.

Scott Johnson
President, CEO and Founder
Myelin Repair Foundation 


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