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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do you take LDN or have taken LDN and want to share your story?

PO Box 1083, Buxton Norwich NR10 5WY
Telephone: 0844 41 45 295
Contact: Linda Elesgood

Do you take LDN or have taken LDN and want to share your story?
If so The LDN Trust really needs your help!

We would really appreciate your help and support by being interviewed, this can be carried out either via a landline telephone, Skype or you can write your story which I can have it read for you. You can use your first name or a nickname. The interviews are made into video’s and added to the LDN Research Trust channel, we now have over 300 which can be found from this Link Some people wanted to have their own photographs on the videos but we can use Library photographs.

Please email   so we can arrange a suitable time and date regardless where in the world you live or what condition LDN is or was taken for.

Please get involved we really do need your help and support to get the word out!

LDN VOICES - Listening to the Patient
Interview questions for LDN Users.
1.    Name (first name or nick name), Country and Condition
2.    When were you diagnosed?
3.    How old were you?
4.    What was your life like before diagnosis?
5.    What impact did being diagnosed make to you and your family?
6.    What where your symptoms at that time?
7.    How did you learn about LDN? 
8.    Did you have any problems obtaining a prescription of LDN?
9.    Did you have any problems filling your prescription?
10. How long have you been taking LDN?
11. How has LDN helped with this health condition?
12. What are you symptoms now?
13. Have you experienced any negative side-effects from taking LDN?
14. What is your life like since starting LDN?
15. Will you continue to take LDN?
16. What would you like to say to other people with your condition who are thinking of trying LDN?

If you have already told your story and would like to do an update, we can do that.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Best Regards

Linda Elsegood

Patron: Jackie Young - Bihari

Registered Charity No 1106636
Trustees: Mrs Linda Elsegood, Mr Alex Parker, Mr Neil Lucas, Dr Dawn Shepherd, Mr Lee Reynolds
Medical Advisors: Dr Bob Lawrence MRCS, LRCP. Dr Tom Gilhooly MBChB, MRCGP, Stephen Dickson BSC (hons) MRPharmS



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