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Monday, March 11, 2013

Stu's Views: Here is something I haven't discussed in quite some time

Stu's Views: A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Tony Ortiz who mentioned to me that a mutual friend suggested he contact me with regards to his Mission to ride in the MS200. In years past, Tony always rode for a specific person with MS. For his soon coming ride, he wanted a new face and our mutual friend suggested me. I felt honored that Tony wanted to do this for me as remember everyone, I too have Multiple Sclerosis. My picture will adorn his bicycle ..Hey, the picture alone should get him some compliments (LOL)... And Tony asked me to provide him with some of my story so that he knows what he is riding for.

I mentioned to Tony that although I founded MS Views and News and although we provide MS education, there still has to be organizations such as the MS Society who provide research funding and so, I would be delighted to pass along his request for dollars. Dollars so needed to fund MS research and dollars needed by the MS Society that also individually helps MS patients.

Please continue reading. Read Tony's message (shown below) and then please consider a $10.00 contribution to enable Tony's efforts to be seen...

Riders like Tony, need to be thanked and the best way to thank them is to contribute through them for their efforts...

It has been quite some time since I have assisted soemone riding in the Bike Tour and so, I am asking you to assist me to assist Tony.  - $10.00 is what I am asking for anyone who can make this contribution.

Thank You -- Regards, Stuart Schlossman

Hi friends:

This time it’s the ride of the century. Well, actually, two centuries, the MS200. And as I gear up (imagine me in spandex), I’m preparing for some serious pedaling; 100 miles down to the Florida Keys, and 100 miles back.

As I face this 200-mile effort, know that I am so very thankful to each of you for your support and encouraging words, this year, and years past.

You’re probably aware, I pedal for friends that are afflicted with this terrible disease: Linc, Angie, Juan, Fernando, and now, my new friend Stuart Scholssman. Please take a few moments to read about his MS journey:

Stuart lends an incredible amount of support to the community. If you’d like to learn how MS can affect vision, need info on symptom management, or what MS drugs are in the pipeline, visit:

There are only days  remaining until the ride, and I’ve only achieved 3% of my goal. So, please, help quick, and help large. As I’ve said in years past, thank-you in advance for any support you can send this worthy direction.

To donate:

Thanks so much,



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