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Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking the Stress Out of Injecting Multiple Sclerosis Medications

By , About.com GuideFebruary 28, 2013

I estimate that I have given myself about 3,000 injections of Copaxone. While I do not claim to have a solution for everyone, I do think that anyone who does anything 3,000 times more or less successfully (or at least without major disaster or complications) must have some vague idea what they are doing.
I am pretty proud that I went from being completely terrified of needles to integrating this unpleasant task into my days without it causing too much anxiety anymore. In the article that follows, I offer up some tips of what has helped me get past some of the dark moments of holding a syringe and thinking to myself, "There is NO way that I can do this."
What about you? Whether you are still in the single digits of injections or have passed up my number by several-fold, you must have some workarounds that you use to get it done. Please share some of your tips, tricks and techniques for self-injecting. Yours might be the idea that helps someone at a really hard time.


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