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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Multiple Sclerosis: When to See Your Doctor

MS symptoms come and go, but when they occur, it's important to know when to call your doctor.

These multiple sclerosis symptoms may call for medical attention:
1. Vision loss and double vision. Both are fairly common symptoms of MS but involve different nerves. Vision loss or double vision involve more than slight blurriness or random floaters - you may lose visual clarity.
2. Balance problems and dizziness. When you miss more than a couple of steps or feel like you're falling, your balance problems may be signaling an MS attack. Dizziness can accompany balance difficulties or occur on its own, depending on which nerves are affected.
3. Numbness and tingling. Everyone feels it from time to time, but if numbness and tingling last for more than 24 hours, especially in combination with weakness in your legs, it may be the prelude to an oncoming MS flare.
4. Bladder dysfunction. People with MS may experience urge incontinence, a neurological issue effecting the nerves in the bladder, which allows you only a short time to get to the bathroom after you first feel the urge to urinate.
5. Leg or arm weakness. This symptom can occur in either the arms or legs, but is more common in the legs. MS patients usually feel weak on both sides, but it's possible to experience weakness on just the left or the right side.
For further information, watch a video on this subject found here
Last Updated: 08/09/2013


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