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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 6 Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation CD
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Billions of people today suffer from chronic stress, pain and tension. Our modern life has caused us to experience an epidemic of burn out, chronic fatigue and stress related illnesses.
More than ever we are in need of integrating activities into our lives that bring us to a state of balance and peace.
Meditation is a focused mental activity that is proven to bring us to a state of balance where we can deeply relax and lead more joyful and productive lives.
There are many forms of meditation. One of the easiest ways to learn how to focus the mind is to listen to guided meditations. Spoken word guidance with relaxing nature sounds and music brings us to a state of calm alertness so we may lead a healthier life.
Psychological Benefits:
• Increasing your intelligence
• Improving your memory
• Enhancing your creativity
• Drastically improving your ability to think clearly
• Improved problem solving abilities
• Decreasing anxiety
• Decreasing & eliminating depression
• Helping to resolve addictions
• Reducing irritability and moodiness
• Enjoying a more positive outlook
Physical Benefits:   
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