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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Few of the Many Comments received from attendees after the Nov 9th, 2013 program in Atlanta

MS Views and News would like to thank the more than 20 comments received after the program on November 9, 2013. Below is just a small sampling of comments. Most all the comments were of the same content, in asking when we will be back to do more programs


Hi Stuart,

I enjoyed the meeting very much and felt it was a very well planned event. I thought the extra time for questions and answers was a great idea and was quite revealing in terms of what people want to hear about. I think research, emerging therapies, and stem cells in particular, are hot topics. I think folks have more opportunities to hear about existing therapies through pharmaceutical programs but not a lot of opportunities to hear about things outside of that. It is great to be able to present balanced information without the constraints of the pharmaceutical arena.

In response to your e-mail about another program in March-- I spoke with Dr. Thrower. Dr. Buckle will be joining us in March and we would like to have some programs around that time. we can speak further about that.

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity –Tracy
Tracy Walker

Mr. Stuart!!! 

I was so impressed with the whole presentation! I was so overwhelmed with everything, I was beat when I got home! I loved everything from the warm welcome (you smiled!), the speakers, the food was excellent, and dagnabit I didn't get the tablet! LOL! I am so happy that you all came up to Atlanta and hope you do another one for the summer to prepare us for the humid "Hotlanta" heat.  Nothing compared to Miami, but it still gets unbearable.  I have forwarded this link to my coworker, whose husband also has MS, but very stubborn and in denial to this moment.  Although the venue was small, if you get a larger spot, I'm sure more will come because there was a full house.  I was front in center and fortunate enough, I have access to the equipment that was recommended in the talk because I work in the DME industry.  So, I was able to see what I would need for the future if needed.  This really put me on the map and I am now reading the wonderful book 300 Tips for MS.  ANyhoot, enough raving and rambling.  Thanks again for leaving your home and gracing us with good info.  God bless you, and come again!

Danielle W.

Hello Stuart.  I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your recent event.  It was very organized and informative.  I know it takes a lot of work to prepare for the events and I want to thank you so much for coming to Atlanta to share and work with everyone.  I look forward to attending your next seminar.  Have a wonderful weekend my friend.  Hope to see you soon.  Lisa Johnson, Lawrenceville, Ga.  ;)  

Dear Stuart.

Just a note of thanks for a job well done.  I could tell there was a lot of hard work done on your part. The meeting was very informative and presented
in a format that was easy to understand. Thank you and am looking forward to seeing
you again.   -- Ruth Ann 


I thought the program was awesome!!!  I love hearing new information regarding MS.  I try to read all information I can get my hands on.  Realizing that some of it is of the untrue nature. I take what I know and shake out the rest. The Marriott was a perfect location.  It seems that everything is geared toward Hot Atlanta.  It is sooo nice to have meetings in the burbs!! I frequent the Drug sponsored MS meetings to get the scoop on the new and fairly new drugs and also to meet new MSers and compare notes regarding Doctors, symptoms, reactions, medications, future medicine rumors and such.  Yes, I live a boring life!!!!

Now, back to the Marriott, I to was surprised by the meal that was served.  Understandably, it is hard to feed a group of 167 and everyone be happy or even half of them be happy. The salad presented was visibly not fresh, the main course had seen its better day - the day before!! However, the desert rocked!! Enough said!!

Thank you for allowing me to share!

Enjoy your week!! It was an awesome meeting!!

Suzanne Barbaree

Thanks again for a great meeting!
As you know I attended many seminars in Florida which I enjoyed. But this was the best. Thanks again for all you do and looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta again real soon.
Brian D.

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Congratulations for a well organized event. Philip A

Nov 16th -
Stuart, I don’t know if you remember me we met at one of your programs. I am in the middle of watching your Atlanta program and I just had to stop to thank you for all the knowledge you put out there for all of us MSers. I have moved back to Erie Pa last year. I would love it if you could put Erie Pa on your list of areas to bring your programs too! Please please please!  --- Richelle Vogel, formerly of Lehigh Acres, Fl.

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