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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Patient Stories about their use with Tecfidera

November 1, 2013


I started Tecfidera on May 18, 2013.  I was a little nervous, but was excited to start, so I started immediately.  Didn't want to wait and over think it. 

I switched from Betaseron and prior to that I was on Avonex.  I was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 45. My sister was diagnosed before Betaseron was available and is still on Betaseron.  I think she was 30.

I started Tecfidera after dinner on May 18, 2013.  I really didn't want to wait until the next day.  Within 2hrs, I started flushing.  It felt REALLY hot.  Never felt anything like it before.  The flushing lasted only 1 hour though.  It stopped feeling extremely hot after about 20-30 min.  Not so bad!  I had a little itching too, but avoided scratching.  Again it was gone before I knew it!

That was the worst of it.  The next day, I ate breakfast, then took my 2nd dose.  Again, I turned red and hot, but only barely itched.  Again, the redness was gone within the hour.

It's six months later, and I still turn red about once a week.  Still no itching and it's gone within 30-40 minutes.

It is great!  NO MORE SHOTS, bruises at the injection sites or headaches!

No regrets...


I would love to write about my experience.  I have included a link to a Blog post I wrote about starting Tecfidera.

Marla Lutchen


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Tamara Sellman said...

I started Tec on the day of my first job interview after graduation (June 17, 2013). I delayed the dose to that evening because I had no idea how I would respond. Turns out it was no big deal. I have had very minor side effects (a tiny amount of flushing/itching that is easy to tolerate and some digestive issues easily fixed by eating a small meal before my dose and occasionally using Imodium as a back up plan). All in all, my feeling is that, if this is all that I have to go through to fight off future MS exacerbations, then bring it! I actually feel much better now than I did then. I know I can't credit the Tec for that (not yet, anyway), but by and large I can say that my body has adapted to this DMD and I feel like I can move on with my life again.

Cherie said...

I was on Tecfidera for just over 5 weeks. For me the side effects were severe enough to interrupt my work day for several hours each day. Despite trying aspirin and benadryl, the flushing was deemed severe enough to be considered an allergic reaction. I am back on an injectible medication again.