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Friday, February 7, 2014

10 Distractions You Need Right Now - to help keep Positive

10 Distractions You Need Right Now

10 Distractions You Need Right Now
Feeling frazzled, fried or otherwise less than fabulous? Is your multiple sclerosis getting you down? Two words: Distract yourself. Research shows that letting your mind wander boosts creativity, thwarts stress and can even reduce pain , helping you feel better instantly—and stay healthy for the long run. With that in mind, here are 10 fun and very random distractions to lose yourself in today.

1. The Secret Language of Birthdays

Forget astrology: this website uses data from a 40-year study of over 20,000 people to reveal the secret (and not so secret) traits of individuals born on any given day of any given year. It’s crazy accurate, but don’t take it from us. Plug in your birthday—or someone you love’s—and get a spot-on personality analysis.

2. Earth Porn

Yes, you read that correctly. Earth Porn is the latest craze, and it’s totally safe for work! The website, twitter feed and Facebook page features stunningly beautiful and at some awe-inspiring pictures of places, people, animals and nature – all the things around the earth that make us smile and feel inspired.

3. The I Love Dogs Site

No good, very bad, super-rotten day? Doggie photo bombs, pictures of pocket-sized puppies, and stories of incredible canine rescues will banish your bad mood in no time flat.


Make your to-do list your slave with this funny (and effective) iPhone app. Get stuff done and you’ll be rewarded with kind words; slack off and CARROT will scold you with phrases like “You don’t want to make me upset”

5. Dulingo

Speak French as the Parisians do? Mais oui. Hold your own in Buenos Aires? Claro. An independent study found that this free (no joke!) online tool helps people learn languages as effectively as a college-level course.

6. Divergent: The Official Trailer

With a trailer this engrossing, how can you not see the movie when it hits theaters March 21? Based on the Young Adult series by Veronica Roth, Divergent tells the story of tale of a teen who dares to break the mold in a dystopian society where humans are segregated by personality traits.

7. Evernote Food

If you love food (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to download the culinary version of the popular lifehacking app Evernote, which allows you to store recipes, find restaurants, save your favorite gustatory photos and more. Even better? The app’s free and friendly for both Apple and Android phones.

8. The Skimm

Be a conversation starter by getting the latest news and current events with this brief but super-informative daily newsletter.

9. Franky Cam

What does a tortoise do all day? Find out by watching the daily comings and goings of Franky, a 40-pound, people-loving sulcata tortoise who calls the shots in a Michigan pet shop.

10. Luminosity

Ready to unleash your inner Einstein? Luminosity’s daily brain games aren’t just fun; studies from Harvard, UC Berkeley and other top-notch institutions have shown that they actually stimulate the growth of crucial brain cell connections—helping you stay sharp, hone your attention span and be all-around brilliant.
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