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Saturday, April 26, 2014

an MS patient's Passion for Feeling as best he can...

A desire to Tempt Fate Once Again . . .

New blog post from Jon Chandonnet 

Apr 25, 2014 10:30 pm

Two and a half years ago, I began working with a trainer to strengthen my core. I had been focused on writing for the previous four years. All that sitting, combined with the neurological impacts of MS, lead to my core’s weakening.

You may react by saying, “Sorry to hear that, MS is a vicious disease.”

Or you may react by saying, “Jon, that’s too bad, but you know what the disease can do. It’s up to you, in concert with the available MS therapies, to stem the tide of the disease.”
I understand both responses.

When I decided to begin working with a trainer, the book had entered the editing phase, so I had some extra time and decided to tempt fate. I wanted to try and alter the disease’s impact on my body one more time. Maybe the transformation I had experienced seven years earlier, through the diet and lifestyle shift, was a fluke? Maybe it was easier to change the body as a thirty-five year old than it was in my early forties? Maybe the clock had expired?

I didn’t give much thought to whether it was possible or whether my body would respond. I didn’t care. I wanted to improve my core strength and maybe reduce the stiffness and soreness I felt each morning that lingered as I moved through the day.

Last Year

After working with a trainer for eighteen months, my core strength improved to the point where it felt more natural to run again, and my body was less sore and stiff in the morning. My definition of running again means to be able to sustain the effort for more than a hundred feet. That hadn’t been possible since my return from the diet and detox center in the fall of 2005.

Last March, I made a video about running on the beach between lifeguard stands. I continued on that path for two months until I had to stop. My ego was in control, not my body. I had to take a step back. I needed to isolate my left leg and improve its strength, responsiveness, and fluidity before I could sustain the effort of running. I have done that over the last year, and my body now feels ready to take on the goal.

Can I tempt Fate Again?

This is about more than my goal to run again. My ego needs to sit this one out. It’s about listening to my body and taking action in the sequence that will allow me to naturally achieve what I want. Can I tempt fate once again? I think I can, and its that conviction that will serve me well in this latest pursuit.

Is there an area in your life where it will be beneficial to tune into your intuition to make what you want to happen more naturally?


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