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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Aerobics Image
The Fantastic Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy 
Overview: It is a well established fact the people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis have a much better quality of life when an exercise regiment is in place.  However, exercise can be a real challenge for many people having MS.  The common affects of MS such as weakness, general fatigue, numbness, balance issues, vision to name just a few obstacles can make physical activity difficult if not downright intimidating.  Yet, a good exercise program can ease the symptoms that serve as blockades towards exercise. 

Water therapy is one of the more accessible, easy and most rewarding ways to stay physically more active.  Water’s buoyancy actually helps support weak limbs allowing them to feel lighter.  Additionally water provides resistance which allows for strengthening of muscles.  Patients impacted by MS often find it easier to stand in water for example .vs. dry land.  Nasa Astronauts use pools to simulate a near zero gravity environment. 
Benefits of Swimming In MS People with MS often find they have a greater range of mobility in a pool as the buoyancy  of water takes weight off limbs.  Simply walking across a pool of water takes less pressure off joints yet moving through the water has resistance that is good for strengthen musculature in the legs.  Balance can also benefit, there is less chance of falling yet more acuity placed on balancing.
Swimming improves balance as well as endurance and flexibility, mental acuity in focusing on the act of swimming, coordination and more.
One of the most common issues with MS is fatigue and often one of the most debilitating parts of the manifestation of the disease.  Aquatic aerobic exercise has proven very beneficial to many people with MS and the earlier it is started the better the results.  However, its never too late to begin an aquatic regiment and its almost certainly going to be beneficial to any MS patient.
Pain reduction is another aspect of aquatics.  Back in 2011 a study took place regarding pain reduction and aquatics.  The results were a significant amount of pain reduction and improvements in both disability and depressions and a marked improvement in lower levels of fatigue.
Even if you do not swim most communities offer pool based exercise programs that focus on balance, muscle strengthening, stretching and more equipment. Many hydrotherapy classes are led by licensed physical therapists who specialize in helping people with MS or other disabilities.
Simply grab a piece of paper and note your physical disabilities and limitations.  Then ask yourself what can you do in a pool?  Perhaps at the sametime whether or not you need assistance in utilizing a pool safely with a friend perhaps.  You might not even need a class environment to get aquatic exercise.  If your disability at this stage in your MS allows you to use a pool with the family that may well suit.

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