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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

‘I am Cured,’ Says Woman with Aggressive Form of MS After Receiving HSCT in Canada


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Written by Ian Franks:
An entry in the comments section of Multiple Sclerosis News Today caught my attention a couple of weeks ago, and peaked my interest. It was a personal tale of one woman’s journey from being paralyzed and told that her condition was “between you and God” to being able to walk again, thanks to HSCT. It read:
I must say from a patient’s perspective that I was the fourth [MS patient given HSCT] outside of the Canadian Trial done with Dr. Mark Freedman and Dr. Harold Atkins.
My life is spectacularly different than before my transplant… I, at my worst, was 9.5 in our EDSS scale of disability. I was sent home to my small town hospital, in Blairmore, AB [Alberta], after the city had done all they were able, to die… I was told it was now ‘between you and God,’ is this what I wanted to hear? Well, at that point ‘kind of so!’ I had been a quadriplegic already with no movement but my head, was this my life until God chose to take me? If it was going to be, death was a great option.
Things instead took an amazing turn and here I am nearing on five years’ post-transplant. I’m alive and well. ‘Well,’ of course, from my perspective — I’m not dead… I have the ability to roll myself in bed, I can feed myself and walk aided, probably always will, but I’m nowhere near where I was before.
My disease has been HALTED!!! I do use the “C word” all the time… I actually named one of my blogs the “C WORD” stands for “Cured not cancer.” I’m so grateful for all those who came before me and excited beyond measure for all those to follow…
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