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Thursday, October 20, 2016

10 Reasons You Should Start Treating Your MS


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While no cure is currently available for multiple sclerosis (MS), you can still benefit from treatment. Disease-modifying therapies can slow the progression of MS and reduce relapses. Other medications can treat severe flare-ups by reducing inflammation. A comprehensive treatment plan also includes rehabilitation programs and emotional support from mental health professionals. Together, these treatments can help you cope with the mental and physical symptoms of MS.
Here are 10 reasons to start treating your MS:

1. Earlier treatment leads to better outcomes

Even if you aren’t developing new symptoms soon after diagnosis, your MS is still active. During this time, new areas of inflammation may form in your nervous system. Every disease-modifying therapy is moreeffective during the earlier stages of MS when inflammation is happening.
Studies suggest that delaying treatment may allow for the accumulation of brain atrophy and irreversible nerve damage. Disease-modifying therapy can reduce relapse rates and help improve or stabilize mobility. People who start treatment later may not have the same benefits.

2. You’ll see long-term benefits

MS treatment is most effective over a long period. Starting regular treatment may take a while as you assemble a medical team, develop a treatment plan, and adjust to treatment. Many people receive consistent disease-modifying therapy for up to six months or a year before they notice an effect. You may also need to try several therapies before you find a treatment that works for you.

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