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Monday, November 21, 2016

Watch and learn from a Dynamic Neuro-Immunologist, Aaron Boster, MD - as he teaches about MS in a new way,,


    Aaron Boster, MD - MS NeuroImmunologist

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Watch each of these program to understand MS, best.

An MS Educational Program, From Cincinnati Ohio: 
Learning the "WHY" about MS

An MS Educational Program, In Worthington, OH: 
"MS is a Leaky Swimming Pool"

An Interview with Aaron Boster, MD - on "Therapeutic Inertia"

MS Issues & Patient Care - a Candid Conversation:

An MS Educational Program, from Grove City, OH:
"MS is Like a Leaky Swimming Pool" - A concept about MS
 This video is quite similar to the event in Worthington, OH

An MS Educational Program, In Dayton, OH:
Potholes in Brain and Spinal Cord, a literal description about Multiple Sclerosis
  "MS is a disease of Invisible Symptoms" - "Friendly Fire" Attacking the Body -- "Pathological Fatigue" -
  "Functional Reserve" -

and from Davie, Florida at our 2016 MS Symposium:
    this web-link to be published and added to this page soon

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