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Thursday, December 15, 2016

For MS Patients - Tell us your concern(s) for Access to Care (Treatments, Therapy, etc)


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KEY Question regarding an MS PATIENT ISSUE:  

( Please respond ) -- 

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST Concern or Issue that you have now or that you see for the future, concerning ACCESS TO CARE for your MS --- 

REPLY PLEASE using the comments link showing below, and then ask others with MS to visit this page to reply as well - 

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Responses needed with good reason and needed to help make a difference

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Anonymous said...

This is a question that I am glad you presented to be asked.
My questions or concerns pertain to Physical Therapy and the caps in place

Robert Kostelac said...

I always want to know about new and improve treatments. I always want to be on the best option that is available. Wish there was more friendly data from trials. I also would like the FDA to actually "fast track" their FAST TRACK!

Robert Kostelac said...

Please have the FDA "fast track" the FAST TRACK!!! The concern should not be about marketing and distribution. It should be focused on the quality of life of MS patients. Cut the red tape and speed it up.

Anonymous said...

Lack of access to care in my area

Cherie said...

1. PT visits that are capped.
2. Insurers removing MS Neurologiists from thier list of providers
3. 40 % copays (up to $3000/month) on DMTs for those with Medicare or Medicaid.

Mike Russell said...

First, thanks for giving our MS community an opportunity to provide feedback and concerns. I, for one, greatly appreciate your concern.

My biggest concern is the cost of medication, treatment being associated with MS as well as future healthcare changes.

I have spent hours on the phone battling with my provider to cover needed health care services, B12 injections, therapy, knowledgably doctors to mention a few items.

As an example, if I am out of town and need to visit a known MS Neurologist I am unable too. Rather, I'll need to visit an ER facility of which isn't knowledgeable regarding MS.

In addition, if you have Primary Progressive MS you are out in the cold. According to insurance there is no known treatment, no matter what, so why bother, It's just a endless battle.

There needs to be one active MS Medical Support Group which helps to monitor services provided and provide patient support. I know, and appreciate all MS organizations, and believe this type of help would be beneficial to everyone.

Misfire said...
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Jen said...

Low cap on life-long PT visits and increasing co-pays for neurology visits and durable equipment (wheelchair, AFOs).

Anonymous said...

this was asked to be posted: I was wondering if anybody suffers from continuous urinary tract infections? As soon as it clears up for me within 2 weeks I have another one. When I have a UTI my MS symptoms are way worse. Anybody else find this to be a problem? I spend at least one visit to my urologist a month and I do everything that I am told to drink, eat, etc. Taking acidophilus probiotic as well

RCG said...

1. MS patients should have insurance coverage for massage therapy! It's the only therapy that works for many of us!
2. ANY required durable medical equipment should be covered by insurance in full INCLUDING items that provide "quality of life" and "assistance with daily living".
3. Coverage for caretaking needs including homemaker services.