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Thursday, February 9, 2017

RESERVE (RSVP) Seating for Unique Multiple Sclerosis Spanish event in Los Angeles, Ca

(English translation shows below) Para todas las personas con Esclerosis Múltiple, que viven en Los Ángeles, CA, que hablan español, "MS Views and News", está ofreciendo un programa educativo en español el 21 de marzo en Luminaries. Se requiere "RSVP" para asistir a esta conferencia. Haga clic aquí: - para registrarse. - (1) El cuidador es bienvenido a asistir con usted. Gracias


For all people with Multiple Sclerosis, living in the Los Angeles, CA area, who speak Spanish, "MS Views and News", is providing a Spanish educational program on March 21st at Luminaries. "RSVP" required to attend this conference. Click here: - to register. - (1) Caregiver is welcome to attend with you. Thank you

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Multiple sclerosis: New blood test can identify types of MS and if treatments are working

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Patients with multiple sclerosis will soon have access to a new test which can tell them exactly what type of MS they have and how well their medications are working.

Neuroscientist Gilles Guillemin

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MS Views and News is MAKING an IMPACT on those affected by Multiple Sclerosis