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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Machine Learning Platform Can Accurately Predict Onset of MS, Maker Says

The platform was validated using a pilot study that assessed the healthcare claims of 20 million people in New York, which encompassed four billion data points. IQuity focused on using these data to predict the onset of MS.
Results showed that the approach was able to predict, with greater than 90 percent accuracy, the onset of MS within the New York population at least eight months before traditional methods would enable a diagnosis of the disease.
Earlier diagnosis in MS patients, as well as other patient populations, would lead to significant benefits in outcomes and also to financial savings, particularly as healthcare spending tends to increase prior to obtaining a definite diagnosis.
That is why the development of this new technology may lead to an improvement in patient outcomes, while also lowering healthcare costs.
Consequently, this platform is attractive to organizations that are responsible for healthcare expenses, such as employers, benefit managers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and care management companies.
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