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Sunday, January 20, 2019

2018 - Archived MS Educational Videos - something for everybody affected by MS

WOW - the entire year of 2018 - All of our videos.
Find what you would like to learn and click the link(s) from the listings showing below


1)       Making MS Connections

2)       A Compassionate Talk Addressing Challenges of Living with MS

3)       STAYING ACTIVE, Using Simple Exercise and Lifestyle to Feel Better, Living with MS

4)       Learn of a Comprehensive Healthcare team, Cognition, Depression & more, in MS

5)       Axons, Movement in MS, Putting the Pieces together & The MS Healthcare Team

6)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Multiple Sclerosis and The Leaky Pool Theory

7)       The 2017 MS Symposium of South Florida- The Neurological Aspects of MS and Beyond TAI CHI

8)       The 2017 MS Symposium of South Florida- The Neurological Aspects of MS and Beyond

9)       The 2017 MS Symposium of South Florida- Psychological Aspects & Sexuality


1)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Shared Decisions & Effective Communication in Multiple Sclerosis

2)       Effectively Communicating with your MS Healthcare Team

3)       Learn of a comprehensive healthcare team in relation to MS and about Bladder issues with MS

4)       Julie Roberts, “The Ups and Down of Living with MS” - An inspiring talk from a country singer and MS patient advocate 

5)       Multiple Sclerosis: Creating BALANCE with proper Exercise and Knowledge

6)       Proactive management of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

7)       The 2017 MS Symposium of South Florida- Immunology of MS

8)       The 2017 MS Symposium of South Florida- Multiple Sclerosis, Relapse & Symptom Management, and Lifestyle Issues

9)       Multiple Sclerosis - Proper Fitness, Exercise and Knowledge




1)      MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Access to MS Care & Resources

2)     Caregiver Rights & Financial Responsibilities

3)      Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the disease and symptoms 

4)      Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Need for a Comprehensive MS Healthcare Team 

5)      Multiple Sclerosis: Exercise and movement at any level to improve strength and flexibility 

6)      MS Exercise Tutorial: Improve Balance & Mobility 

7)      Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding of the importance for early treatment 

8)      Dr. Michael Hemphill’s Overview of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 



1)       How A Person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Can Exercise 

2)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: All About MS Disease Progression

3)       MS Exercise Tutorial: Improving Your Balance and Mobility 

4)       Multiple Sclerosis from a Different Perspective 




MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Injection Therapy Options for Multiple Sclerosis



1)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Pain Management in Multiple Sclerosis

2)       SSDI (Social Security Disabilty) information for those with Multiple Sclerosis 



1)       Listen with Drs. Williams & Thrower Discussing A Compass to MS Care 

2)       Adaptive Yoga for MS - Compass to Care MS Forum 

3)       Highlights from the 2017 MS Views and News Champions Tackling MS Benefit

4)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Infusion Therapy Options for Multiple Sclerosis

5)       Country Singer, Julie Roberts: An inspirational talk on “Moving Forward in Life with MS"

6)       Compass to Care - MS Roundtable Q&A with Neurologists: Boster, Hunter & Kantor 



1)       Wellness, Exercise, Health & Movement: Benefiting MS patients and most others 

2)       Living with MS and Cognitive Challenges

3)       A Current Overview of Multiple Sclerosis, Plus Shared Decision Making

4)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

5)       Communicating with Your MS Healthcare Team Concerning Various Aspects of Multiple Sclerosis

6)       Cognitive Issues with Multiple Sclerosis

7)       Neuro-ophthalmic Manifestations of MS




1)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Knowing When to Switch Your MS Treatment

2)       MS= MOVE SOMETHING!!! Staying active - Exercises specifically for people living with MS

3)       BALANCE - MS Symptoms Management, Relapses and A Complete Overview of MS

4)       Staying Strong with MS Through Exercise: Doing What You Can Today

5)       MS Learning in Rural America - Importance of Early MS Treatment, Shared Decision Making & More

6)       "One Million Miles for MS" with Paul Pelland (LongHaulPaul), an inspirational MS advocate

7)       Psychological Factors of living with MS, plus Learning More About MS Symptoms 



1)       Emotional aspects of living with MS; Shared Decisions, Talking with your Neuro Team & an Awesome Q&A 

2)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: Staying Active with Multiple Sclerosis



1)       Beneficial to an MS patient - Partnering With and Understanding a Comprehensive Healthcare Team

2)       Multiple Sclerosis: Movin' and Groovin' – An Interactive Intro to Movement and Physical Fitness 

3)       MS NEURO TV WEBINAR: The Immunology of Multiple Sclerosis, MRI and More

4)       Living Better with MS - Reconditioning the Deconditioning Associated with Chronic Illness

5)       Facing Cognitive Issues with MS + Knowing the Benefit of a Comprehensive Healthcare Team



MS NEURO TV: Oral Therapy Options for Multiple Sclerosis

Champions Tackling MS Join Together at 2018 Benefit


The 2018 MS Symposium of South Florida- Benefit of Yoga Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Fight or Flight: The science of exercise to build core strength for better movement

Exercise: Finding what Works for You (Stretch Bands, Sand Weights & more)

Integrative Medicine - Improving One’s Quality of Life using Complementary Therapies

Multiple MS Topics: Q&A with MS Expert Panel at 2018 MS Symposium

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