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Friday, May 24, 2019


Many people with can also develop complicated conditions like Mental changes, Depression, MS tremors, problems with speech and swallowing, Paralysis, etc and are discriminated against in public and at the workplace, to the point of losing their jobs immediately they disclose their disease or leave the workforce because of the symptoms of the disease, such as fatigue, functional disability, and cognitive impairment.

Chronic diseases such as MS are usually termed as Invisible illness because so people sometimes, don’t even believe you’re sick because the symptoms are not seen.

On this day, we attempt to raise to raise awareness that the fact that the symptoms of the disease can’t been seen doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; to contribute to removing the barriers and stigma people diagnosed with MS suffer and to help make life a bit better as living with this condition is no easy task.

Some of the ways to effectively manage and live healthily with MS is through diet, exercise and healthy behaviours, improved cognitive health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, engaging in meaningful activities that nurture one’s purpose in life, treating relapses and preventing complications.

And most importantly, getting a support system and building social relationships to help you through the challenging stages of the disease.

While there’s no known cause or cure for MS, there have been some technological progress in possibly finding a cure and helping people diagnosed with it manage their condition better like medication reminders to efficiently follow their treatment plans and smart devices- installed in homes to counter the problem of reduced mobility.

Surely, these represent signs of progress and hope for those living with MS, who have suffered shame in silence for so long.  Though there’s a long way  to go when it comes invisible illness like these, Increased public awareness and more useful tools like this are making life easier for the people with them.

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