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Monday, June 24, 2019

MS Patient Recruitment for July 11-12th (Patient) Roundtable, by CELGENE

Are you interested in sharing your perspectives on MS? 

Celgene (Pharmaceutical), the host of the Roundtable,
is excited to learn and hear from real patients in the community and their care partners for educational purposes.

If selected, Celgene will pay for patient and care partner travel expenses and provide reimbursement
for their time participating in the roundtable.

Please note that this opportunity is available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria below; 
however, not everyone will be selected to participate.
CELGENE seeks individuals who:
  • Have been diagnosed with MS within the last 5 to 7 years
  • Are new to therapy or has recently switched treatment (1st time)
  • Are under the care of an MS neurologist
  • Are not currently involved in a clinical trial
  • Are not taking an MS infusion medication
  • Are willing to share their personal experience living with MS in a roundtable setting
  • Have a willing and supportive care partner able to attend (must be above the age of 18 years)
  MAKE the Call or send an email to Ana (from Celgene) - HER information is showing below

 This Roundtable will take place:

**(Please know that patients do not have to live in the Chicago area to attend)
Date and Time:          Thursday, July 11th   6pm-8 pm
                                     Friday, July 12th        9am-5 pm
Location:                     Chicago, IL  

**   f you know anyone who fits these criteria and may be interested in learning more, we would appreciate it if you share the contact information below.

*** Please feel free to pass along this contact information to others.

To maintain confidentiality due to privacy regulations, individuals are asked to self-nominate for this opportunity through the following contact options:

Phone: 1-844-674-3504

Remember, if selected, Celgene will pay for patient and care partner 
travel expenses and provide reimbursement for their time participating in the roundtable.

Please know that this is not an MS Views and News activity and we cannot provide any information to you concerning this roundtable forum.

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