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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Breathing exercises

If we are not very active, we tend to breathe less deeply and therefore less efficiently. Breathing exercises also play a part in improving our posture and exercising both the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

Fun with breathing exercises

You can also have fun with breathing exercises - try singing or whistling! It doesn't matter if you're not very good! If nothing else it may make you laugh at your efforts and laughter is proven therapy for us all!
If you can't whistle or sing, then just try a long slow blow. See how long you can take to blow a lung full of air out, counting in your head. If you can get to 20 or 30 you're doing fine!
These exercises can be done at any time of day. Many of them could be done while watching TV. It is useful to use something as a trigger to remind you to do some of the exercises. It is also sensible to intersperse the breathing exercises with the others so that you don't get giddy!
If you have problems/concerns, talk to a physiotherapist.

Breathing exercises

Each exercise can be downloaded as a pdf, allowing you to build up a programme to meet your own needs.

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