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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The MSing Link - Virtual Physical Therapy

About 2.3 million people live with Multiple Sclerosis worldwide. Once diagnosed, people with MS are unlikely to see a physical therapist unless recommended by their doctor.

The MSing Link was created as a way for those living with MS to have the opportunity to interact with an MS Certified Physical Therapist. Dr. Gretchen Hawley, founder of The MSing Link says that this interactive site is “flexible with options to sign up for monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions.” 

Based in Wellesley, MA, Dr. Hawley began seeing patients with MS in 2015.  The role of exercise on MS has a significant impact on how the disease progresses. Still, few people with MS engage in regular physical activity, let alone MS specific exercise. “I was struck by how many people outside the greater Boston area were unable to see an MS Certified PT simply because there arent that many of us.” When she saw her patients results from simple, targeted exercises, Dr. Hawley decided that if people with MS were unable - by proximity or lack of awareness - to see her, then she would design a program and bring it to them.

The MSing Link allows subscribers to access exercise programs, interviews with guest speakers, and the opportunity to submit questions for Q&A sessions (answers are shared weekly). “To help everyone stay motivated, Dr. Hawley included a calendar to help track progress, and for accountability.” A Facebook group - The MSing Link - is also available as a way to stay on your path and interact with others who face the same challenges. Since this is a virtual session with an MS Physical Therapist, the ability to track progress on your own is not only advisable, it can have a huge impact on your overall well-being. “Having a supportive community around you can lead to resilience, improved self-esteem, and confidence.”

When someone with MS enters The MSing Link they can choose which program length best suits them. Dr. Hawley performs each exercise with clear instructions on how to replicate it at home. The videos focus on building strength, balance, walking, and improving flexibility while addressing tightness, heat intolerance, and fatigue. “New content is always being added so subscribers who renew wont just be repeating the same exercises,” Says Dr. Hawley. “Im always just an email away to answer questions or provide motivation to keep going.”

The MSing Link varies from other MS-inspired workout “gym”-type programs in that it was created by a physical therapist who is specifically certified in MS and the exercises can be performed at home, work, or anywhere you see fit. “When working with MS, exercises MUST be specific, targeted, and functional so you can learn exactly how to train your body to be stronger, have better balance, and improved flexibility in day-to-day situations such as walking, standing up from a low surface, getting up off of the ground, and climbing stairs.” she says.

But theres more to The MSing Link than just exercise. Subscribers will learn why some of your MS symptoms are occurring and how to manage them along with up-to-the-minute information on MS research.

To sign up for The MSing Link visit

Mention MSPT and receive $10 off your semi-annual or annual subscription.

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Patient Research for RRMS – Newly diagnosed and switchers of medications

Patient Research for RRMS – oral or injectables.

Find a Cure Panel (FACP)  specializes in patient research for rare and serious diseases and has some upcoming research for people with MS

This research focuses on your decision for which treatment you commenced (i.e. oral vs. injectable vs. infusion) as well as reasons for switching or potentially switching to another treatment and the decision calculus for such switch.

To qualify for this survey, you must meet the following qualifications:
  • Have RRMS and be on oral (Aubagio, Gilenya, Tecfidera, etc.) or injectable (Avonex, Betaseron, Copaxone, Rebif, etc.).  If you are on an infusion (Tysabri, Ocrevus) you will NOT qualify.
  • Be on your first MS treatment unless you recently switched to a second treatment.  

This research is very easy to participate in. It’s one call with one moderator talking about your experience.

FACP gives you a 1-800 number and schedules the call at your convenience and if you do the call, FACP will donate $200 to MS Views and News (MSVN).

If you are interested in participating, please email  (yes, this is a corrected email address) and reference MSVN.

Doug Lowell
President, Sample Czar
1850 Industrial Street, Suite 514
Los Angeles, CA 90021
direct: 323-717-8117
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MS Views and News is only providing the information for this research study.

We will not be involved in the activity nor the results.