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Friday, June 5, 2009

Detecting Nervous System Repair in MS: International Workshop Findings Published

What if a new therapy was developed to protect brain cells from damage and even regenerate new cells to repair damage caused by MS, but there was no way to prove that it works? The question of how to detect nervous system protection and repair in people with MS – without having to wait possibly years to observe a person’s disease progression – was the theme of a workshop recently convened in Amsterdam by the National MS Society’s International Advisory Committee on Clinical Trials.

The workshop, co-chaired by Frederik Barkhof, MD, PhD (VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam) and Peter Calabresi, MD (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore), included nearly 60 participants from North America and Europe who grappled with key questions about applying emerging technologies to clinical trials of repair and protection therapies.

The workshop discussions and background literature formed the basis of a new paper published in the May 2009 issue of Nature Reviews Neurology 5, 256-266 – free access to all readers).

Continue Reading at the National MS Society's website by clicking here


New UK website for kids and teens affected by MS

The UK MS Society has launched a new website dedicated to children and teenagers affected by MS.

To read more about this, as reported by the UK MS Society, click here.

Source: UK MS Society


Fatigued patients with multiple sclerosis have impaired central muscle activation

Department of Neurology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

Background: The pathogenesis of fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS) is poorly understood.

Objective: To elucidate the role of central motor activation we hypothesized that patients with primary fatigue have impaired central motor function and increased fatigability as compared to secondary fatigued and non-fatigued patients.

Methods: Sixty patients with relapsing remitting MS and an Expanded Disability Status Scale score /= 5.0) or non-fatigued (FSS < /= 4.0). Nineteen patients were primary fatigued, 20 secondary fatigued and 21 non-fatigued. Maximal voluntary contraction, central activation and peripheral activation were determined by percutaneous twitch interpolation of the right quadriceps muscle.

Results: Maximal voluntary contraction was similar between groups but did relate to scores of fatigue. Peripheral activation was similar in all groups. Central activation was impaired in both groups of fatigued patients compared to non-fatigued patients being 0.96(0.05) in primary fatigued and 0.96(0.04) in secondary fatigued versus 0.99(0.1) in non-fatigued patients. The impairment of central motor activation was related to degree of fatigue in all patients. During fatiguing exercise there was a similar loss of strength, without any time differences between the three groups.

Conclusion: We conclude that impaired central motor activation is involved in MS-fatigue.

Source: PubMed


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Looking for clues inside the brain - a BBC News Report

a BBC News Report:

To the background hum of freezers Dr Steve Gentleman, a neuropathologist at Imperial College, is performing a dissection.

"It is a detective game, I need to find out what has gone wrong in the brain so I can pass that information onto researchers who are using the tissues," he explains.

The University houses two brain tissue banks, one for multiple sclerosis and the other for Parkinson's disease. They are funded by charity and rely on brain donors.

Dr Gentleman creates a series of diagnostics blocks which are then processed into microscopic sections for structural analysis.

"In a multiple sclerosis brain, what we are looking for is signs of disruption to the normal wiring of the brain, so the white matter becomes discoloured, this is a sign something has gone wrong with the normal insulation of the nerve fibre," he says.

Continue reading and view a video by clicking here


Multiple Choice Treatments for many illnesses - Stu's Opinion

Asked of me by a reader:
Hi Stuart what do you think of Dr. William Tucker's antiviral med. for M.S.?
CTV News: Dan Vaiu on the new anti-MS drug

My only response:
I really cannot say what I think or don't...

Each person is different and needs to take a different approach with their illness.

  • Some meds work for some people and not for others.
  • Stem cell treatments might work for some and not for others
  • Various Pain meds work for some and not others
  • Vitamins A or D may work for some and not othersAnti Virals may work for some and not for others
  • Bee Venom?

Catch my drift? It's a guessing game.
Try whatever you want (if legal) and if something works, stick with it until you need to find something else.

The above response was only an opinion and is not a scientific response.

Managing Symptoms: Bladder Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis

MS Learn Online Presents:

Today's new Feature Presentation
Managing Symptoms: Bladder Dysfunction
featuring Nancy Holland, EdD, RN, MSCN
focuses on:
  • Diagnosing bladder problems
  • Understanding the bladder
  • Treating the symptoms
Click here to view the webcast, or
copy into your browser: If you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to disable it prior to participating in a MS Learn Online webcast.


MS Related: Stem Cell Event in Colorado

Join us June 13, 2009 in Denver, Colorado
StemCellAware, Carol Petersen and Shel Morse will be holding an informational event in Denver on July 13. If you are interested in meeting doctors, past patients and other families please come on out to join them. You can contact Shel here.

This will be a great time for families to learn about the treatments first-hand from others who have seen it on the ground. Bring your questions to Stella's Coffee for this sixth event.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

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  • Telephone Counseling Improves Health in MS Patients
    While the neurologic damage associated with MS is essentially irreversible, many non-neurologic aspects of the disease like fatigue and depression can be ameliorated through intervention and rehabilitation techniques. Activity-based interventions can improve strength, endurance, and physical and mental health; however, they can be expensive and are available only to people located near MS specialty centers. Investigators conducted a randomized trial which showed that scheduled telephone counseling sessions produced significant improvements in health promotion activities.

  • Race for a Pill: Oral MS Therapies in Phase III Clinical Trials
    The FDA has recently given oral cladribine and laquinimod a Fast Track designation as developers complete current phase III clinical trials. These and other oral agents have the potential to shift the MS management paradigm. Additional information on oral MS therapies that are under development can be found here.

  • Reproductive Risk in MS: Part II. The Reality
    Negative views about the perils of pregnancy in MS have persisted for decades. In this second part of MS Scan coverage of this topic, a review of relevant literature to determine whether the MS disease process or MS treatment is linked to reproductive risks in women is featured. To read the previous coverage, click here.

  • Characteristics of Late-Onset MS
    The onset of MS usually occurs during young adulthood, but can occur earlier or later. It is unknown, however, whether the characteristics of later-onset MS (LOMS) and younger-onset MS (YOMS) differ. The authors this study retrospectively evaluated and compared LOMS and YOMS patients in terms of MS characteristics.
source: MS SCAN - www.MSScan.net

THREE New Episodes from TALK MS

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june 24

Managing the Physical Challenges of MS

Learn techniques and tips that may help you manage the physical challenges of relapsing MS.

july 22

MS 101: Understanding the Basics

Knowledge is power! This program covers all the basics of MS to keep you in the know about living well with MS.

august 26

Share the Love: Supporting Your Loved One with MS

This episode offers information on how to provide support, including personal stories from loved ones of people living with MS.

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Comments such as this, Make it ALL WORTHWHILE

A reader 's comment of Stu's Views and MS News :

LaVonne has left a new comment on your post "A recent write-up of Stu's Views & MS News - in Th...":

"Wow, only confirms my feelings about all that you do. Thank you so much.
I have had MS for 31 years and have gotten more information from you than anywhere or any one else! Thank God for your efforts and amazing energy that this must cost you".

Yes Thank you -- Comments such as this, makes it so much easier for me to want-to-do, that much more.
My thanks to LaVonne - Sincerely, Stuart


Wheelchair Repellant - a patients' story

Wheelchair Repellant
By Mary Gerdt

This is my story and I don’t know if it will knock you off your feet or just make you say to yourself, “Ho Hum, what a boring article. I think I’ll turn on the 24 hour cable news or Golf Channel.”

This thought came to me sometime in this first year after I was diagnosed with MS at age 49.

How and Why am I able to take these shots every day?
It was weird.

I am a nurse who always explained the rationale for a medication, explained how to administer, and worried about “compliance” now AKA “adherence” to a medical prescription. We can tell people what is prescribed and why but I do know “Blah Blah Blah” might be all they can hear after they hear “You have MS” or

Continue to read Mary's story here: Mary, 50Vermont


The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Page

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource page is a collaborative project of NeedyMeds and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It is intended to provide information on multiple sclerosis and to streamline and simplify the way those with MS may find assistance paying for their medication

Click here to continue to read this article. It will be the second topic from the top of the MS Views website homepage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MS Trial Alert: Investigators Recruiting Participants with MS for Study of Alemtuzumab - UPDATED

June 2, 2009

Investigators worldwide are recruiting subjects for a study of alemtuzumab (Genzyme Corporation) for the treatment of relapsing-remitting MS. In the CARE-MSSM II study, approximately 700 subjects at over 200 study sites will be randomly assigned to receive treatment with alemtuzumab or Rebif® (interferon beta-1a, EMD Serono and Pfizer). This study is funded by Genzyme Corporation and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

Rationale: Alemtuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody directed at CD52 (a protein on the surface of immune cells) that is currently approved by the U.S. FDA as a single agent for treatment of patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Its ability to target immune cells has led investigators to test its potential as a treatment for relapsing-remitting MS. A phase 2 study compared two dose levels of alemtuzumab with Rebif in 334 subjects with relapsing-remitting MS who had never taken any other disease-modifying therapies. Those taking alemtuzumab had a 74% reduction in the risk of MS relapse compared with those on Rebif, and a 71% reduction in the risk for sustained accumulation of disability (New England Journal of Medicine 2008 359;17: 30-45).

Continue to read directly from a NMSS webpage

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Vitamin-D Levels Inversely Correlated With Disability and Disease Progression in Multiple Sclerosis

Information provided by Jodi Swanson:

June 2, 2009 (Atlanta, Georgia) — Vitamin-D deficiency may be associated with a higher disability score and increased rate of disease progression for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), new research findings suggest.

Allison Drake, a researcher with the Jacobs Neurological Institute at the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, presented the findings here at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) 23rd Annual Meeting.

Vitamin D has been implicated as a risk factor for MS, the investigators note. In addition, preclinical in vivo studies have demonstrated that vitamin D may inhibit experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and prevent disease progression.

» Read More


Magnolia mom raising funds for MS treatment in China

information provided by Julianna in La.

Sandy Lee touches her son’s face and smiles. Today is his fifth birthday and last day of school before summer break.

“He’s getting so big,” she says. “This is why I have to get well.”

Lee, who suffers from the chronic disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is raising money to fund a trip to China, where she will immerse herself in a month-long treatment program that she hopes will help treat her MS and reverse the effects of the disease.

Continue to read this story, found here...

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** A Multiple Sclerosis Patient's Story: "How my life changed"...

From: standup4ms
Date: Wednesday, 03 June 2009 06:20

Title: How my life changed...

My whole story is on standup4ms . I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (for 32 years and use a wheel chair) BUT I also had another problem...In treating my other urgent and serious problem the professionals did not see what else I needed because of my MS.This was compounded by hospital acquired infection meaning that I could not go to other departments in the hospital for the usual post operation rehabi...

Click the link below to read the whole message

After reading, share your comments. Sometimes sharing your comments helps you to relieve inner-stress and sometimes what you writes, helps others.

Multiple Sclerosis, The Devil In My Details...

Sometimes, getting what you always wanted isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Written By Marc Stecker ( The WheelChair Kamikaze)

When I was in my early 20s, I was loudly committed to living a bohemian existence. I was the lead singer of a local punk rock band, and grudgingly worked just enough hours in my part-time "day job" to about cover rent, food, booze, and cigarettes. I kept the hours of Dracula. Most nights would find me playing pool in some divey bar, and I never arose before the crack of noon each day. As old jazzmen used to say, I lived like I didn't know that there were two 10 o'clocks in one day...

To finish reading Marc's article and view his photos and films, click here

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MS News: Genzyme Completes Transaction with Bayer for CAMPATH (tm)

Assumes Primary Responsibility for Alemtuzumab in Multiple Sclerosis; Expands Hematologic Oncology Portfolio

June 2, 2009 - CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Genzyme Corp. announced today that it has completed the transaction with Bayer HealthCare to acquire the worldwide rights to Campath®/MabCampath® (alemtuzumab), giving Genzyme primary responsibility for the development and commercialization of this promising multiple sclerosis (MS) therapeutic candidate. Genzyme is conducting two rapidly progressing phase 3 studies of alemtuzumab in relapsing-remitting MS patients.

n addition, Genzyme has acquired the worldwide marketing and distribution rights to Fludara® (fludarabine phosphate) and Leukine® (sargramostim), which significantly expands Genzyme’s global oncology commercial presence. Genzyme now has full responsibility for developing, marketing and selling the acquired oncology products and will record sales revenue in the United States and more than 90 other countries where they are sold. During a transition period following the closing, Genzyme and Bayer HealthCare will continue to work together to ensure no interruption in product supply to patients or support services to providers.

Click to continue reading


X Frontwoman Exene Cervenka Has Multiple Sclerosis

Singer Exene Cervenka of X announced on the band's website Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

"Although this is obviously unfortunate news, I am choosing to see the positive in it," she says in a statement. She maintains that her condition will not affect her participation on the current tour with punk band or the release of her upcoming album in the fall. "My focus will certainly be on maintaining my health -- many people remain strong and continue to live their lives as productively as they had before an MS diagnosis and I plan to be one of those people."

"It's a little bit of a reality check," John Doe, Cervenka's X bandmate, longtime collaborator and ex-husband, tells Spinner. "She's great. There's a lot of people that live with this. We take care of our own."

"She realizes that this is another challenge," Doe continues. "She's got a lot of support and it's all good. We'll take good care of Exene, don't worry."

source: spinner.com

MS Foundation Programs and Services for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis

Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual with MS, providing information, assistance, and support.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) is concerned with the physical, emotional, and social impact on people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families. MSF strives to ensure the best quality of daily life for those coping with MS through implementation of the following patient services.

Read More


Monday, June 1, 2009

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CTV News: Dan Vaiu on the new anti-MS drug

Information provided by Maria Z., in Miami

Retired Oncologist Dr. William Tucker has developed a new anti-viral MS drug that may be the cure for the debilitating disease.

To view and listen to this video, click here for this CTV broadcast
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Rockville Roadies MS (RRMS) Community

Founded in 2002, the Rockville Roadies Multiple Sclerosis Project
Inc. (RRMS) is a highly energized 100% volunteer 501c3 focused on
serving the immediate, day-to-day needs of the Multiple Sclerosis

The Rockville Roadies (RRMS Inc.) know how important
physical freedom can be and we’re dedicated to helping every MSaffected
person enjoy that freedom to the fullest extent they can.

Continue to read by clicking here


"I Scream Soup" is an inspirational book - written by an MS Patient

Some of the people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis or any other chronic disease may feel that there is no way out. Being it a chronic neurological disease of the central nervous system in which the body’s own immune system attacks the spinal cord, the optic nerves, and the brain, its impact to the victims’ lives is dreadful. But for author Lu Nuñez, this illness is a way to start a new journey in life.

Click here to read more of Lupe Nunez' Book


Scientists make stem cells from skin cells

Scientists make stem cells from skin cells

(HealthDay News) UPDATED 2009-05-29
Scientists say they've found a way to transform skin cells into stem cells, an advance that could accelerate the field of regenerative medicine. In their new experiments, researchers used four introduced genes to reprogram skin cells to become indistinguishable from stem cells. The scientists say this discovery could solve the problem of rejection by the immune system, since this type of stem cell would be made from the patient's own skin cells. The investigators' results were so promising that they hope to begin human trials in the middle of 2010. Read full story >

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Visions of Earth 2009 - Photo Gallery - ( for Entertainment )

My Mom thinks I, and all else would enjoy seeing the photographs in this link:

Click here: Visions of Earth 2009 - Photo Gallery - National Geographic Magazine

Have something to share with others? It need NOT be MS related if it's something that can make others smile, ooh and ahh or laugh about.. This is called entertainment and we all need some of this in our lives... - Send your share item to me for review

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Raising Awareness of Medical Advancements with Adult Stem Cell Therapy -

Welcome To Education & Resources for ASC Therapy


1] To Help Readers understand why Adult Stem Cell therapy (aka 'Repair' Stem Cell therapy) does NOT have controversial moral & ethical issues, contrary to embryonic stem cell research ~ please take time to read: Stem Cell Basics for a concise primer & read & learn how the most promising stem cell research & treatment does NOT require destruction of human embryos.

2] To Form a Community among:
~ Potential Adult Stem Cell Therapy Patients
~ Previous Adult Stem Cell Therapy Patients
~ Benefactors to Adult Stem Cell Therapy Patients
~ Family & Friends of Loved Ones w/ a Dreaded Disease
~ Caregivers
~ Medical Professionals
~ Research Students
~ Register to Join to Show Unity in the Universal Hope for Healing!

3] To Help Patients Fund-Raise for Their ASCT

Visit the ASCT website to read and listen to patient testimonials


Providing the above information is in no way an endorsement of the procedure. We ask, that you always speak with your health care providers before making a decision on your health treatment.

MS Viewpoints Survey: Understanding the Outlook on Emerging Therapies

Information provided by E.Poe in Pennsylvania

Executive Summary

Survey Objectives:

Understand the viewpoints concerning the current multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment landscape

among physicians, MS nurses and other healthcare professionals (HCPs)* and people living with


Determine the degree of influence that oral therapies may have on treatment decisions and

discussions between physicians, MS nurses and other HCPs and people living with MS

Understand the potential impact of oral therapies on the emotional and social burdens of MS

Survey Highlights:

Early Treatment and Treatment Delay

Click on this [PDF] (to read full article)

MS Viewpoints Survey: Understanding the Outlook on Emerging ..

To read the above article you need Adobe Acrobat.
If you do not have this, there is a link to download, near to bottom right of this blog

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An MS patients' tribute to an MS Doctor with devotion

Written by Kate in Washington
May 2009

I'd like to thank, and share with you, a man who is devoting his life to the war on MS. A most celebrated researcher, one of international renown, a teaching professor, author whose works have appeared in Lancet, director of the new MS Clinic and Rehab Center at the University of Washington (where, in addition to turning out 8 fellows in its short existence, research is now underway to show the world that physical therapy "is still the only way to improve function in MS."), now in clinical trials with people for stem cell transplantation, CO-PI for the MSSRTC, and, among his many other achievements, the instigator behind the book that, in 1980, put fatigue on the formal MS menu, he is Dr. George Kraft, MS Neurologist and Physiatrist.

» Read More

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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Nebraska asks for you to walk...

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

When: Saturday, June 6, 8:30 am

Where: Norris Park

Cost: FREE

Phone number: 402.505.4000

Email: maureen.rohlfs@nmss.org

The Nebraska Chapter helps more than 27,000 individuals impacted by MS to move their lives forward. We provide comprehensive support servcies and educational programs to people with MS, their family and friends, and raise funds locally to support the National MS Society's research initiatives.

We are a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now - to move together toward a world free of MS. This is a great way to get out and support your friends, family & co-workers that are affected by MS!

Registration is free but we ask for you to do some fundraisng to support the organization! It is always a good idea to have a team since getting a team going you only need 4 or more people to make up a team name and start your fundraising efforts!

To register for the event go to our webpage nen.nationalmssociety.org or call 1-800-344-4867 option 2 or email Maureen Rohlfs at maureen.rohlfs@nmss.org Hope to see everyone at the McCook Walk MS event! Come and enjoy great food too!

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