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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maintaining Your Healthy Habits This Holiday Season

Every year people both look forward to AND dread the holidays. There’s the excitement of visits to (or from) family and friends, fun holiday events, and delicious delicacies that are enjoyed only this time of year.

But along with all that good stuff comes stressful travel and/or preparing for guests, an overflowing calendar, and food items that may not sit well with you. Sound familiar? There must be a way to keep yourself from getting rundown and run off the path of healthy habits.  Here are a few ideas that might help:

·         When it comes to food, being prepared is key. The combination of alcohol, finger foods and desserts can be problematic even for those who are most careful. After all, it’s a party!
o   Before you arrive, be sure that you have food in your stomach and you’re not “starving.”
o   Remain attentive to what you’re drinking, which in turn can help you be mindful of your food choices.
o   Finally, keep treats as treats – a small amount is often enough to satisfy a craving. Enjoy a bite of that special dessert or food!

·         Book ME time. Each day, be sure to carve out time for your own period of rejuvenation. Escape to a quiet room and you’ll hopefully emerge ready to enjoy the rest of the day.
o   Don’t be afraid to call it quits – your body knows what it needs, and you know your body. Pay attention to what it tells you, and then let others know if it’s time for a break.

When you plan in advance, and plan for your OWN needs, you’re most likely to enjoy the holidays!

In Health,

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