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Friday, August 21, 2015

Copaxone sales Continue STRONG

UBS: Copaxone sales strong despite generic rivals


UBS says, "The launch for generic Copaxone has not gone very well, with molecule share hovering around 5%.

Two months ago, Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Sandoz launched the first generic version of Copaxone, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.'s (NYSE: TEVA; TASE: TEVA) flagship product for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. As part of its strategy for dealing with the generic version, Teva took action even before the launch to transfer as many patients as possible to double-dosage (40-mg) Copaxone three times a week, instead of the regular daily dosage in which Glatopa (generic Copaxone) is administered.

A review published this week by UBS pharmaceutical analyst Marc Goodman indicates that the generic launch has not affected Teva so far. Goodman wrote, "Despite the launch of Sandoz/Momenta’s generic Copaxone in late June, weekly IMS data indicates that the molecule share for 3TW has climbed up to 70.7% TRx share at the end of the first week of August from 68.8% at the end of June, before the first IMS reporting of TRxs for generic Copaxone. The launch for generic Copaxone has not gone very well, with molecule share hovering around 5% for the past four consecutive weeks."

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Assistive Devices for MS

There is a variety of assistive devices that can help you manage thesymptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). An assistive device is a tool or product that makes a certain function easier to perform. Anoccupational or physical therapist can prescribe these devices.
Below find a list of assistive devices and equipment that are available. Always consult your doctor, OT or PT before using any of these devices.

Mobility Aids for Multiple Sclerosis

Orthotics: Orthotics are lightweight inserts worn inside the shoes that can be used to increase stability and decrease fatigue. Orthotics can help with spasticity in the foot and can help brace the foot.
Leg braces:Weakness of the leg muscles may make it more difficult to maneuver on stairs, rise from a chair, or walk. An ankle-foot brace can stabilize the ankle when there is weakness in the leg muscles that raise the foot. This brace fits into an ordinary shoe and prevents the toes from dragging. If muscle weakness occurs in the neck, a neck brace may be recommended to make you more comfortable.
Canes: A cane may be the most useful tool when one leg is weaker than the other, or when you have mild problems with balance. Here are some guidelines for cane use:
  • The cane should be held on the stronger side of the body while theweight is shifted away from the weaker side.
  • A quad cane (or four-legged cane) provides more stability than a standard cane.
It is a good idea to have a session with a physical therapist to learn how to properly use your cane or any assistive device.
Walkers: Walkers may be more appropriate when there is significant leg weakness or a balance problem. They can also provide support for maintaining balance. Wheels or platforms may be added to the walker if necessary.

Wheelchairs or scooters: Wheelchairs or power scooters may provide more independence. These are usually recommended when a person experiences excessive fatigue, unsteadiness, or occasional falls. A scooter can add a great deal of independence for a person with limited mobility.
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Novartis to Buy Multiple Sclerosis Drug From Glaxo

HONG KONG — Novartis bolstered its portfolio of multiple sclerosis treatments on Friday by agreeing to buy an experimental drug from GlaxoSmithKline for up to $1 billion, the company said.

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, acquired the rights this year to use the drug, ofatumumab, to treat cancer, and sells it under the name Arzerra. This was part of a broader swap of assets completed in March, in which Novartis took over Glaxo’s cancer drugs and Glaxo took on much of Novartis’s vaccine business.

The deal announced on Friday gives Novartis all remaining rights to ofatumumab, which is being developed to treat relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune conditions.

Having the rights under one ownership would avoid the complications that could arise from having two companies selling the same drug for different uses. The deal also bolsters a portfolio of drugs Novartis is developing for multiple sclerosis, centered around its blockbuster pill Gilenya.

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