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Friday, January 15, 2016

Stubborn or Stupid - a Patient's testimonial

Stubbornness is a trait often revered in those with a disability. That attitude of defiance that we give to our disease so we can power through the tougher times. That ability to raise our middle finger and shout “Take that, MS!” as we soldier on in our quest for normalcy. Alas, there’s a fine line between stubborn and stupid, especially when you have multiple sclerosis—and I’ve got both pretty well covered. Don’t make my mistakes…

Walking around the kitchen, eschewing your walker, cane, even the helpful wall? Stubborn! Falling in said kitchen and breaking a leg? Ah, stupid. Killing a big, very hairy spider for your wife despite your physical limitations? Stubborn! Slipping and falling after cleaning up said spider, bumping your head necessitating a trip to the ER before you bleed out? Ah, stupid. Decorating the Christmas tree, insisting on hanging every sharp, star-shaped ornament personally even though you have crummy balance? Stubborn! Teetering into the Christmas tree, bear hugging it before knocking it completely over onto your unsuspecting dog, while in the process impaling yourself on multiple stars, glass icicles, and a pointy Santa that gets lodged deep inside your left nostril? That would indeed be stupid, especially since I don’t even have a dog. Thankfully I’ve avoided such an accident to date. (Memo to self: don’t do that.)

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