• fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • paralysis
  • blindness
  • trouble breathing
Even simple tasks like chopping vegetables or combing hair can be discouraging on bad days. When symptoms of MS get worse, they are called flares or exacerbations in the medical community.
Because of the physical side effects of the disease, people living with MS are forced to become some of the most creative and clever individuals around. They must come up with new ways to adapt their lives to the challenges. In addition to taking precautions and prescribed medications from your doctor, here are a few other things you can do to try and minimize the occurrence and impact of MS flares.

1. Say YES to less stress

reduce stress
We all know this can be easier said than done, but decreasing everyday stress as much as possible needs to be a priority for anyone with MS. Daily stressors can be challenging enough, and larger, troubling life events can make MS flares worse. If you anticipate going through something stressful in the near future, prepare accordingly. Whether this means speaking with a therapist or setting aside time to Zen out, remember that investing in stress reduction is worthwhile. The negative effects of stress can be as powerful as the beneficial effects of your MS drugs!