The unfortunate fact is that many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) have come to know the telltale signs of things to come. After years of observant living with the disease and active participation in online forums or in-person support groups, one gets the sense of things beginning to happen early in their genesis.
I suppose this is less an unfortunate fact than a helpful one if the signs are heeded.

The First Signs Trickle In

Thus was the case for me this past weekend. I noted an increase in my need to pee only a few minutes after I had made a trip to the loo. It became more noticeable Thursday and Friday nights, when one or the other of the dogs needed to go out in the night.
I’d get up, let one of the girls out (why is it that they never have to pee at the same time?!) and take the opportunity to relieve myself as well before lying back in a warm bed to await the scratching at the back door that announces the wheaten’s business is done.